Patrick Louie

Bookkeeping, Tax & Revenue Specialist

Patrick has 10 yrs of experience in Finance, Bookkeeping and Accounting working for companies both in the USA and outside of the USA, including Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Patrick contributes weekly to Fundsnet with his long list of experience in Bookkeeping and forensic accounting, as he has first hand, real-world experience in many accounting related subjects.

Periodic Inventory vs Perpetual Inventory

Inventory Costing Method

Inventory Cost

Break-even Analysis in Excel

Break-even Analysis

Reserve Requirement

Accumulated Depreciation

Liquidity Ratio

Gross Wages

Gross Pay vs Net Pay

Hedge Accounting

Lease Accounting as a Lessor

Lease Accounting as a Lessee

Financial Lease vs Operating Lease

The Percentage of Completion Method

Mixed Cost

Free Cash Flow Yield

Prepaid Lease

High-Low Method in Accounting

Is Service Revenue an Asset?