Editorial Guidelines & Policy

At Fundsnet Services, we strive to be the most Trusted and thorough online resource for people looking for Grants and Fundraising – From College Students, to Entrepreneurs and Business owners who are just starting out .

We’ve compiled Grants, Fundraisers, Business Information, Tax and Accounting Terminology and Guides and much more to help people get funding or start their businesses on the right foot and ultimately succeed.

We break down complex and hard to understand concepts for our readers in an easy to follow layout. Since 2006, we’ve collected, contributed and combined thousands of Grants, Fundraisers, Business information and helped millions of our readers learn more Finance, Business, Fundraising and Starting businesses that are successful.

FundsnetServices.com principles


Useful Information

Our goal is to provide useful information for complex topics surrounding business, finance, Grants and Fundraising, and other topics that can be intimidating. No matter your level of experience, we provide information that can be used with confidence.

Unbiased Information

Our site is not a political or economic campaign, but rather a source for unbiased information on finance, product recommendations, government policy, and more.

We aim to provide factual, data driven information that is put within the appropriate context – free of a political or economic agenda.

Any information found on our site has been thoroughly researched by our writers and editors to provide well balanced, and definite information.

Definite Information

Every topic we cover is carefully reviewed by our qualified team of editors and writers to ensure information is not vague or elusive.

Information must be accurate and not misleading.

Furthermore, we strive to provide information that is presented in a clear manner that is easy to follow, understand, and apply back in the real world.

We welcome corrections to any mistakes or inaccuracies found by our readers.

Please contact us (webmaster@fundsnetservices.com) for corrections so that we can investigate and correct accordingly.

Code of Ethics

The Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW) has set certain standards in their Code of Ethics that we are committed to following.

These SABEW Code of Ethics align with standards that we believe are the foundation for ethical journalism:

  • Being accurate and fair
  • Minimizing harm
  • Acting independently
  • Bring accountable and transparent

Where applicable, we also uphold to the disclosure guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Any and all information provided by Fundsnet is for informational purposes only and is not meant to serve as legal advice or to substituted advice from a certified attorney, accountant, financial advisor, or other certified professional.

As always, we advise our readers to seek out the advice of a certified professional as needed.

Editorial Process

All of the articles found here on Fundsnet are written by our expert writers, contributors and editors.

Fundsnet is not an investment firm, in that we do not recommend for you to buy, sell, or engage in securities or investments.

Rather, we are an informational site that offers information to help you make complex decisions for complex topics.

We strive to provide insights, educational and contextual information, and relevant analysis to these complex topics so that you can make better, more informed decisions.

We encourage all of our writers and editors to include real-life examples to bring the information into perspective.

Our editorial team is responsible for evaluating all articles and information on our site and updating any expired information as needed.

Updated articles are date-stamped and marked to note any changes made.

New information is carefully vetted for accuracy, relevancy, and adequacy to meet our quality standards and code of ethics guidelines.

Quality Control

Every article published on our site must first go through a multi-step process of review and quality control.

Between the writers and editors, multiple team members work together to ensure the information is accurate, helpful, relevant, factual, free of any political agendas, and responsible.

Each topic is assigned based on expertise and knowledge and our professional editors review multiple drafts before publishing content.

Our team works together to ensure our principles of providing useful information, unbiased information, and definite information are met as well as our code of ethics standards.

Writers and Editors

All of our writers and editors go through a preliminary vetting process before joining our team.

Writers must not only be knowledgeable in the topics they are writing about but must also be strong grammatically.

To learn more about our authors, you can visit their individual author biography pages.

Each article lists the author at the top left of the page – we welcome you to click through and visit their biography pages and learn more about their unique qualifications and experience.

Third-Party content

Any third-party content is thoroughly reviewed by our team of editors to ensure it aligns with out core principles, values, and code of ethics guidelines.