Can a Registered Agent Open a Bank AccountEverything You Need to Know

LLCs and Corporations are required to have a registered agent and a registered office, regardless of where the business is started from.
In fact, some business owners open limited liability companies in states other than the one in which they live.

This is one of many reasons why you may be wondering Can a Registered Agent Open a Bank Account?

To answer your questions, yes, a Registered Agent can open a bank account and here is what you need to know!

Here’s How a Registered Agent Can Open a Bank Account:

What is a LLC registered agent

What is a registered agent?

Before we get into the steps involved in having a registered agent open a business account, let’s first understand what a registered agent is. 

A registered agent is simply a person or entity appointed to accept any official mail or important documents on behalf of an LLC or Corporation.

Examples of the types of documents Registered agents can receive on your behalf include tax forms, legal documents, official government correspondence like annual reports, notice of lawsuits or summons, etc. 

Every U.S. state requires that corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and partnerships have a registered agent.

You cannot form a corporation, LLC or partnership without a registered agent, and you will not be compliant with state government requirements if you do not maintain an active registered agent as long as your business is active.

Requirements for a Registered Agent to Open a Bank Account

Now that you understand the role that a registered agent plays in a LLC or corporation, let’s go over what is needed to open a bank account with a registered agent. 

You cannot simply walk into the bank without doing the necessary prep-work as follows. 

The very first thing you will need to provide is written consent that authorizes your registered agent to act on your behalf with the bank.

The written consent must be unanimous with all members and managers in agreeance. 

Organizational Documents

You will need to provide copies of certain organizational documents in order for your registered agent to open a bank account:

Articles of Organization – The articles or organization are used to create the rights, powers, duties, liabilities, and other obligations between each member of an LLC and also between the LLC and its members.

The bank will want to see this document, so be sure to have it on hand. 

Operating Agreement – Operating Agreement is a document that serves as the proof of understanding between members on the handling of operations and the discourse on dispute resolution. This is another document the bank will want to see.

Bank Requirements

The bank will have its own requirements that you will want to have ready when you go in to complete the application. 

Below is a list of the minimum that will be required, but you will want to contact your local bank to make sure there aren’t any additional items that they will require. 

  • Federal EIN – This is your Federal Employer Identification Number. If you haven’t already obtained your EIN, you can easily do so on the IRS website.
  • Name and Contact Information 
  • Government issued ID: state drivers license, passport, etc.
  • Address along with either a utility bill or some certified mail showing address information
  • Business license(s) – federal and local business licenses and permits
  • Opening deposit amount that will vary from bank to bank


As you can see, it is possible for a registered agent to open a bank account. 

As long as you have all of the necessary documents and information, you should not run into any issues. 

Just be sure to do your homework and double check with the bank to find out if there are any additional requirements to open the accounts