Legalzoom Competitors & Alternatives to Save You Money

Read our review of LegalZoom competitors so that you can learn more about each one and find the best option for you and your business!
Denise Elizabeth P
Senior Financial Editor & Contributor

LegalZoom is definitely a brand that you’ve probably heard of because they have a lot of brand power. 

They’ve done a really good job marketing themselves and getting their name out there. 

But you may be wondering who their competitors are and if there are more affordable options. 

Today we are going to dive into some Legalzoom Competitors & Alternatives to Save You Money!

Here are 21 LegalZoom Competitors and Alternatives to Save You Money:


ZenBusiness was founded in 2015 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs form their businesses. 

There are dozens of business formation services and year after year ZenBusiness shines as one of the best LLC services available. 

ZenBusiness offers three different formation packages: starter, pro, and premium.

Their plans include the three most important parts of forming an LLC: LLC formation, free registered agent for a year, and free operating agreement. 

They are one of the more affordable LLC formation services out there. Their pricing starts at $39 compared to others like LegalZoom which start at $60. 


Northwest Registered Agent


Northwest Registered Agent

Although Northwest Registered Agent has a higher price point than ZenBusiness and IncFile, it is still a notable mention because of their top-rated customer support. 

Northwest Registered Agent has been forming LLC’s since 1998 and are in the top three LLC formation services. 

They offer a free full year of registered agent service with their formation package. 

Inc Authority


Inc Authority

The newest company on this list, formed in 2019, is competing with Legalzoom. 

They are offering a quick 4-step registration process for business entity formation.

Some of these services are offered for free and you only pay the required state fees.

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings first started when an experienced lawyer saw a need to automate the business filing process, making it easier for small businesses and consumers to launch their business dreams without having to find, hire, and pay high-priced and uncertain legal fees.

Even their cheapest formation package includes a free 30 minute business tax consult and lifetime company alerts.



Incfile is a client favorite year after year because they offer the lowest price package starting at $0 formation + State fee!

IncFile formation packages include a year of registered agent services, Lifetime Company Alerts, filing deadlines, and more. 

If you are on a tighter budget and are looking for a free LLC formation option, then this is a good place to do that and you can add on additional services as needed such as legal advice and more. 


Rocket Lawyer


Rocket Lawyer has been around since 2008 and has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the legal services space. 

They provide a variety of legal help as well as business formation services, legal documents and contracts, and more. 

Rocket Lawer’s pricing is different from other formation services because it has more of a membership structure rather than tiered pricing with plan options. 

A Premium Membership costs $39.99 per month and you can add on services from there if they are not included in the membership. 



LegalShield is different from LegalZoom because they primarily offer prepaid legal plans for both personal and business customers. 

That being said, if you subscribe to the monthly service you can get legal counsel on many small business needs such as contract review, debt collection assistance and a letter or phone calls by a professional attorney.


Bizfillings and Legal Zoom are pretty comparable in their services and pricing. 

The prices are exactly the same as the mid and top-level packages, $349 and $359, and only $50 cheaper for the lowest price option.

Bizfilings is a competent legal service provider that is a good alternative to Legal Zoom. 

Just keep in mind that Bizfilings does not have the online tracking tool that LegalZoom does and they do not include a free custom operating agreement. 

Law Depot

This alternative to Legalzoom offers free legal documents that you can download, complete and file with your state by yourself. 

The site will customize the forms to fit your particular legal situations. 

Again, if you are going the DIY route this might be a good option but no legal advice is included. 


Gust helps startups launch and provides legal tools and business advice. 

Their focus is on incorporation because they were created by venture capitalists who expect you to fund your startup with equity investors.

A Gust membership costs $300 which is more expensive than other formation services. 


This company sells entrepreneurs packages of formation and business law services either as projects, bundles or one time purchases.  

They have several different packages depending on your need and their goal is to ultimately become your legal team. 

This is one of the most expensive alternatives to LegalZoom but worth a mention because of their variety of services. 


Docracy is a library of online legal documents that are mostly available free of charge. 

Small businesses can browse the available forms including contracts, consulting agreements and LLC operating agreements. 

Just be sure you know your state business laws so that you don’t make expensive mistakes.


Corpnet is another business entity formation service that offers a nice calendar tool to help you stay compliant with forms and reports you need to file with the state admn federal government by certain due dates. 


Included in their business entity packages is a Registered Agent for your state. 

Farewill is based out of the UK and they will help you create a legally binding will at a very reasonable price. 

While they do not offer business formation services, if you are in the UK, they offer excellent and affordable wills. 


Another newcomer to the online legal scene. Their services are faster than some of the major players, such as LegalZoom and Incfile, and they also include some complimentary services such as EIN number, first-year registered agent and offer a money-back guarantee.

MyCompany Works

Focusing on new LLC formation and incorporations this firm caters to entrepreneurs.  

Founded in 2001, with the simple mission of making starting a business easier, faster and less expensive.

They offer a toll-free phone consultation and have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.  

Prices start at $79 plus state fees.

Previously called the Company Corporation, it has helped form over 750,000 LLC and corporations for entrepreneurs. 

Founded in 1999 in Delaware their mission is helping entrepreneurs is their passion.


Nolo is a little different than many of the formation services we’ve already talked about because it is more of a DIY route for forming your business.

While they do not offer formation packages, they provide the necessary legal forms and a set of instructions on how to complete and file them with your state. also has an online LLC formation tool. 

Local Attorney

Hiring a local attorney to help with business formation services or legal advice is always an option. 

They can help you with all your business startup needs such as DBA, EIN, LLC, INC and sales tax registration.

Just remember, working directly with a local attorney means you are paying for each service and an hourly rate which can end up being very expensive.

DIY Business Entity Formation

If you are organized and have some business experience you could set up your own LLC.  

While most entrepreneurs prefer to hire a formation service because of the the peace of mind, others like to do it themselves. 

This saves you money because you are not paying any formation fees, you are only paying state fees. 

Just keep in mind that there are a few formation services like IncFile that start at $0 + State Fee and could end up saving you time and helps you do it correctly from the beginning. 


You could hire a paralegal at a lower hourly rate than an attorney who could help you complete the paperwork you need to start your business.

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