How many DBA can an LLC have?

Jason (P) David
Last Updated: April 15, 2021
Date Published: April 13, 2021

Yes, it is possible for an LLC to operate under more than one DBA at a time. DBAs allow an LLC to use more than one business name without having to form multiple, separate legal entities.

A Doing Business As (DBA), also known as fictitious business names, trade names, or an assumed name, is a name that the legal owners of a business register with the state. 

If a Limited Liability Company wants to use a name other than the one on their Articles of Organization (formation paperwork), they must do a DBA filing registration. 

In most locations, DBAs must be registered with the state or local government.

Keep in mind that a DBA is not a legal entity, it is just a name the LLC uses to do business under.