Should I use a DBA for my LLC?

Jason (P) David

The main benefit of using a DBA for your LLC is to create multiple brands, multiple business names or lines of business under one LLC.

A Doing Business As (DBA), also known as fictitious business name, trade name, or an assumed name, is a name that the legal owners of a business register with the state. 

For example, lets say you own a flower shop but you want to start offering wedding planning services.

Filing DBAs for these separate types of services is easier than forming an entire new, separate LLC for your wedding planning service.

You can keep your existing LLC and simply file a DBA for the wedding planning service part of your business, and it all stays under the same overall LLC umbrella.

DBAs can help you expand your business under a different name while keeping the liability protection offered by your LLC.

In other words, you are operating multiple lines of business under one LLC.

A DBA is the easiest way to register your name if you have an LLC and want to expand your products or services.

They keep your business compliant and you can operate multiple businesses under one LLC.

Learn more about DBA’s here.

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