What does EOD stand for in business?


A common acronym seen in the business world is “EOD” and some of you may been wondering what this stands for.

To answer your curiosities, EOD simply stands for “end of the day” or “end of business day.”

EOD is most often used to set a deadline for a project or task that needs to be completed by the end of the day, or usually the end of the business day which is commonly 5:00pm.

A business day is the period of time in which a business opens and closes its doors, or in other words, a workday.

In the United States, a business day is usually Monday – Friday, 8 or 9:00am – 4 or 4:00pm.

Some businesses are open 24 hours, or perhaps on the weekend, but most businesses have a working day that fits within a certain time.

Here is an example of how someone might use the acronym “EOD” in a business email to a colleague:

Hi Scott,

It was great connecting this morning to go over the final budget numbers. Please make the changes discussed in our meeting and have the final, revised budget to me by EOD tomorrow EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Thanks again,


Business acronyms are there to make our communication more simple and quick, and this is a popular one used in all types of businesses from medical to government to corporate and beyond.

Other similar acronyms include EOBD (End of Business Day) and COB (Close of Business).