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Date Published: February 23, 2021

1st and 10 Foundation - WV, TN, FL

Chad and Robin Pennington created the 1st and 10 Foundation in 2003 with the mission to build stronger communities by funding programs and institutions that seek to improve quality of life throughout West Virginia, Tennessee and South Florida. Requests for grants are accepted from charitable non–profit agencies and organizations actively working to fulfill the Foundation’s goal of building stronger communities. All grant requests are given caref…

Appalachian Community Fund

The Appalachian Community Fund (ACF) is a publicly supported, non–profit grantmaking organization that provides resources and support to grassroots organizations working to overcome the underlying causes of poverty and injustice in Central Appalachia (East Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Virginia and West Virginia). On the journey to justice, our vision is to work for the day when Appalachia’s land, air and water are saved from destructio…

Assisi Foundation of Memphis

The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. (The Foundation) supports innovative and established programs that address the needs of Mid–South residents in the categories of: Healthcare and Human Services, Education and Literacy, Social Justice/Ethics, Cultural Enrichment and the Arts.

Benwood Foundation - Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Benwood Foundation, a private foundation located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has identified four focus areas that are critical to the future of the community and are within the reach of philanthropy to affect in a positive and long–term way: Public Education, Arts & Culture, Environment, Neighborhood & Community Development.

Calipari Family Foundation For Children - KY, TN

The Calipari Family Foundation For Children is dedicated to the betterment of the lives of underprivileged children in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and also in Memphis, Tennessee, where the Foundation was started.

Clayton Family Foundation

The Clayton Family Foundation is a private foundation, established in 1992 by James L. Clayton, a native of Chester County, Tennessee. The foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, families and organizations in communities where the Clayton family lives, works, and enjoys financial success. Grants are primarily awarded where Clayton Banks and other family businesses are located. Rarely are grants awarded to organizations loc…

Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga

The Foundation created the Open Grants process to encourage, inspire, and improve lives in the community of Greater Chattanooga. Focus funding areas include Community Based Initiatives dealing with: Health Behaviors, Basic Human Needs/Social Services, Neighborhood Revitalization, The Needs of Immigrant Populations, Early Childhood Development Birth through Grade 3, Improved College Access. Proposed programs are limited to a maximum request of $20,000, and…

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis

The mission of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis is to strengthen our community through philanthropy. Through our Community Partnership Fund, we support initiatives and good work in the arts, education, the environment, animal welfare, health services and research, mental health, community building, hunger and shelter, disaster relief, youth, human services, philanthropy and religious institutions.

Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee awards grants for a broad array of charitable purposes in the areas of education, health, social services, scholarships and for general community programs that improve the well–being of the residents of the Middle Tennessee area.

Cornerstone Foundation of Knoxville

The purpose of Cornerstone Foundation of Knoxville is to serve as a catalyst to reach our God–given potential as a community. our funding and activities are focused on the Greater Knoxville geographic area, and on specific priorities resulting from extensive research to determine the most effective strategic actions that can be taken to reach our full potential as a community. The Foundation will proactively concentrate its grant–making, other…

Cracker Barrel Foundation

The Cracker Barrel Foundation seeks to strengthen and preserve our community by supporting programs in the areas of education, human services, cultural affairs and the environment. Special consideration is given to programs that address children, youth and family issues, and emphasize traditional values such as hard work, education and self–reliance.

Dell Foundation

The Foundation supports a wide range of programs that benefit children newborn to 18 years of age in Dell’s principle US locations, and welcomes proposals from non–profit organizations that address the health and human services, the education, and the technology access for youth.

East Tennessee Foundation

The East Tennessee Foundation’s (ETF) field–of–interest and affiliate funds support a competitive grantmaking process in broad charitable areas including arts and culture, community development, youth–at–risk or a particular East Tennessee county (Affiliate Funds) within the Foundation’s 25–county service area.

Fluor Foundation - AK, CA, LA, NY. SC, NC, PA, TN, TX, VA, WA, Wash DC

The Fluor Foundation has a long history of investing in communities, nonprofit organizations, and education. Since its inception in 1952, the foundation, along with Fluor Corporation, has contributed more than $145 million to projects around the world. Areas of funding interest include Education, Human Services, Culture, Public/Civic Affairs. Geographical focus areas: AK, CA, LA, NY. SC, NC, PA, TN, TX, VA, WA, Wash DC.

Frist Foundation

The Frist Foundation is dedicated to sustaining and improving the quality of life in Nashville, Tennessee. At present, much of the Foundation’s funding is focused on the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. However, starting in 2009 the Foundation is taking a special interest in helping to sustain Nashville agencies that serve vulnerable populations –– an emphasis reflecting the economic challenges faced by both organizations and their client…

Grants Fundraising.com

Grants Fundraising.com’s purpose is to help spread the word about grants programs initiatives and fundraising opportunities from foundations, 501c3 non“profits organizations and private sector sources by posting those initiatives on our site. If your organization, foundation or fundraising company has grants opportunities and you are looking to spread the word about it we invite you to contact us about it so we may be able to post your grant i…

H. W. Durham Foundation

The Durham Foundation makes grants to serve older people primarily in Memphis, Tennessee and the Mid–South (West Tennessee, Northeast Arkansas and Northwest Mississippi). However, projects of national significance which could be replicated in this area will be considered.

Harrah’s Foundation - AZ, CA, IL, IN, IO, LA, MS, MO, NC, NJ, NV, PA, TN

The Harrah™s Foundation focuses its philanthropic efforts on three categories: Seniors “ community–based programs that enhance the lives of seniors are our primary philanthropic initiative. Education “ community–based programs that enhance educational opportunities and resources for students seeking higher education. Civic “ broadly defined as local programs that are vital to the success of each of our communitie…

HCA Foundation - Middle Tennessee

The mission of The HCA Foundation is to promote health and well being, support childhood and youth development and foster the arts in Middle Tennessee.

Hope Christian Community Foundation - Tennessee & National Focus

The Hope Christian Community Foundation is the largest Christian Community Foundation in the United States and one of the fastest growing sources of funding for Christian ministries. Since inception in 1998, we have directed almost $150 million to churches, ministries, and charities from the heart of Memphis’ inner city to missionaries around the world. Our vision is the transformation of the city of Memphis through the building of God’s Kingdom…

Hyde Family Foundations

The Hyde Family Foundations are committed to helping Memphis become one of the great American cities of the 21st century. We’re a catalyst for change, working to inspire success and achieve community goals in three areas of focus: Transforming Education, Positioning Authentic Assets, Strengthening Neighborhoods.

International Paper Foundation

The primary areas of International Paper Foundation support are environment education, literacy and critical community needs. Limited funding is provided on a short term basis for new critical community need projects.

Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation

The Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation is a family–run foundation which honors the legacy of giving established by its founder, Kemmons Wilson. The Foundation intends to positively impact and transform the Memphis community through its grant–making and has established the following categories for giving: Community Outreach and Development, Advancement of Youth, Enrichment of Education, Faith–based Ministries, Health and Research–Relat…

Louie M. and Betty M. Phillips Foundation - Nashville

The Phillips Foundation supports a variety of organizations in the fields of health, human services, civic affairs, education and the arts. The organizations are funded out of budget allocations established by the Foundation Board on an annual basis. By setting aside specific percentages for areas such as arts and education, the Foundation can balance competing interests and ensure that a variety of community needs are met. With rare exceptions, grants are…

Lyndhurst Foundation

The Lyndhurst Foundation focuses on the enhancement and enrichment of the nautral, educational, cultural and urban develeopment of Chatanooga and the sorrounding region.

Maclellan Family Foundations - Tennessee & National Focus (Religion)

The Maclellan Family Foundations is a group of grant–makers connected by family history and by a common commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through strategic giving. The largest and oldest of these, the Maclellan Foundation, Inc., expresses its purpose as “serving national and international organizations committed to furthering the Kingdom of Christ and select local organizations, which foster the spiritual welfare of the…

Memorial Foundation

The Foundation prefers to make grants that will have a significant and lasting impact on a group as well as its community. The Foundation places special emphasis on assisting organizations that focus on: Health, Youth and Children, Senior Citizens, Education, Human & Social Services, Community Services, Substance Abuse (including alcohol, drugs and tobacco). The Memorial Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations that provide services to peop…

Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation - Memphis

The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation was established to provide funding and support to organizations that serve youth in Memphis. The Foundation Board of Directors agreed that youth education and mentoring would be the top two priorities for future funding and support.

Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation

The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation is a public charity committed to funding programs that provide the greatest benefit to cancer patients and their families.

Nissan Foundation

The Nissan Foundation was established in 1992. Its mission is to support educational programs that celebrate and foster appreciation and understanding for our diverse cultural heritage. The Foundation also seeks to maximize its investment in the community by enhancing career potential for young adults in the automotive industry. All organizations applying for funding through Nissan Neighbors must meet the following requirements: Support projects compatible…

PeyBack Foundation - IN, LA, TN

The PeyBack Foundation, a public nonprofit corporation, was established by Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in 1999 to promote the future success of disadvantaged youth (ages 6–18) by assisting programs that provide leadership growth and opportunities for children at risk. The PeyBack Foundation™s mission statement is broad, but it allows us to assist as many children as possible and concentrates on a three–state region (In…

Regal Entertainment Group Foundation - Tennessee & National Focus

The Regal Foundation is a non–profit charitable organization that coordinates support for numerous national and local philanthropic groups. The Regal Foundation supports the communities in which Regal operates by partnering with selected charities. Across the United States, Regal Entertainment Group gives back to the communities that our theatres serve. We concentrate our support with selected organizations in order to make the greatest impact. The F…

Safeco - Nashville

Safeco realizes that the most vibrant and successful neighborhoods have three things in common: an economically strong foundation, the ability to protect that foundation, and a cohesiveness that makes them desirable places to live. Our funding priorities seek to build strength in each of these areas. We fund programs and organizations that play a role in: Building an economic foundation for strong neighborhoods, Helping neighborhoods flourish and thrive. S…

Scarlett Family Foundation - Scholarships & Education

The mission of The Scarlett Family Foundation is ‘to provide educational support to middle Tennessee students of all ages’. The Foundation has provided a broad range of financial support from college scholarships to the development of customized executive education programs for high potential, high performing business leaders. From the youngest students in pre–K programs to adult literacy programs.

Sunrise Foundation

The Sunrise Foundation is a private non–profit 501(c)(3) foundation headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. The foundation seeks to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities by supporting non–profit organizations in the areas of health education, religious–supported community services, educational programs and human services. The Sunrise Foundation services the East Tennessee area, primarily Knox County and the surroundin…

Tennessee Baptist Foundation

The Tennessee Baptist Foundation was established in 1938 to help Baptist people conserve all God has given them. In this way they are able to bless the lives of others, as well as their own families. Needy children, deserving young people, home and foreign missionaries have been supported. The message of salvation has been taken to the very ends of the earth because of caring Christians – just like you.

The Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation

The Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation makes grants only to non–profit, tax–exempt Christian ministries and to institutions which are tax–exempt and agree to act as a receiving agent and fund manager. The agent, as well as the applicant, will be accountable to the Foundation for the proper expenditure of the funds.

Visteon Corporation - AL, MI, MS, MO, OH, OR, PA, TN, TX

The Visteon Corporation supports the belief that a cohesive society is an essential foundation for business success, and that companies thrive with healthier, better–educated and more productive people. We believe that making corporate contributions is the best way to show employees and neighbors that we care about them, their families and their future. Visteon’s contributions are concentrated in two focus areas, youth and the environment. Viste…

Wachovia Foundation

The Wachovia Foundation is a private foundation that is funded annually by Wachovia Corporation. We provide grants to eligible 501(c)(3) tax–exempt organizations in two primary and two secondary focus areas. Primary Focus Areas: Education, Community Development. Secondary Focus Areas: Health and Human Services, Arts and Culture. Geographical areas: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Yor…

Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis

The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis (WFGM) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit grant–making organization. our grant–making program is uniquely equipped to focus on the special needs of women and families because of WFGM’s rigorous review process that enhances our ability to focus grants on successful programs that address community needs in five key areas: leadership development, job readiness/career development, economic and financial…