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Date Published: February 22, 2021

Abell-Hanger Foundation

The organization seeking a grant should be located in the State of Texas. National organizations with significant operations in or providing material benefits to the citizens of the State of Texas will be considered based on the degree of operations/benefits within the State of Texas. Areas of giving: Arts, Cultural, Humanities, Education, Health, Human Services, Public/Society Benefit, Religion.

Ashland Inc.

Ashland has a proactive, outcome–driven giving strategy. With average annual contributions of about $3 million, we seek, select, support and/or partner with organizations whose goals reflect our commitment to enhancing the quality of life in our communities. Areas of funding interest include: Education, Matching Grants, Arts, Community & Civic Involvement, the Environment, United Way.

Atlantic Philanthropies

The Atlantic Philanthropies is dedicated to bringing about lasting changes in the lives of people who are disadvantaged by their economic situation, race, nationality, gender, age, disabilities, immigration status, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religion. We make grants through our Ageing, Children & Youth, Population Health and Reconciliation & Human Rights programmes. We are active in Australia, Bermuda, Northern Ireland, the Republ…

Bernard and Audre Ropoport Foundation

The primary focus of the Foundation is on programs that benefit children and youth in Waco and McLennan County, Texas. Proposals that fall outside the areas below are considered as long as they offer imaginative, and when possible, long–range solutions to the problems of the most needy members of society, and ideally, solutions that can be replicated in other communities. The Foundation prefers to concentrate on five primary areas: Education, Arts &a…

Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation

The Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation primarily funds local, not–for–profit organizations endeavoring to advance education, medicine and religion, to improve the health and welfare of the sick, aged, incapacitated, and to aid those in need. Specific area of funding interest include Education, Medical, Religion, Health and Welfare, Aid to Those In Need (includes food banks). The Foundation limits its grants to programs located within the fifty st…

Draper Richards Foundation

The Draper Richards Foundation provides selected social entrepreneurs with funding of $100,000 annually for three years. The funds are specifically and solely for entrepreneurs starting new non–profit organizations. The Foundation accepts proposals for a variety of public service areas, including, but not limited to, education, youth and families, the environment, arts, health, and community and economic development. We seek organizations that are or…


Grants’s purpose is to help spread the word about grants programs initiatives and fundraising opportunities from foundations, 501c3 non�“profits organizations and private sector sources by posting those initiatives on our site. If your organization, foundation or fundraising company has grants opportunities and you are looking to spread the word about it we invite you to contact us about it so we may be able to post your grant i…

Halliburton Foundation

The Halliburton Foundation supports education at all levels and charitable organizations through employee matching gifts, direct grants and scholarships. The Halliburton Foundation is a domestic foundation. Requests for grants in non–U.S. locations should be made directly to the Halliburton office doing business in that part of the world. The Halliburton Foundation will accept grant proposals from U.S. based non–profit organizations that serve…

InterContinental Hotels Group

We are building a culture at IHG that�™s focused on producing strong returns for our owners while creating shared social benefits in the communities we are part of.

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

To heighten the impact of our grant making, Knight Foundation’s trustees have elected to focus on two signature programs, Journalism Initiatives and Community Partners, each with its own eligibility requirements. A third program, the National Venture Fund, nurtures innovation, leadership and experimentation for community investments that might benefit Knight communities. Areas of funding interest include Journalism, Education, Well–being of chil…

Mazda Foundation

The Mazda Foundation was established in 1990 to demonstrate Mazda’s commitment to improving the quality of life in the communities in which it does business. The Mazda Foundation awards grants to programs promoting: Education and literacy, Environmental conservation, Cross–cultural understanding, Social welfare, Scientific research. The Foundation only accepts applications from May 1 through July 1 each fiscal year. Grant applications are accep…

Public Welfare Foundation

The Public Welfare Foundation supports efforts to ensure fundamental rights and opportunities for people in need. We look for carefully defined points where our funds can make a difference in bringing about systemic changes that can improve lives. We focus on three program areas: Criminal and Juvenile Justice, Health Reform and Workers’ Rights.

Seasons Fund for Social Transformation - National Focus

The Seasons Fund makes grants to help agents of social change view themselves, their work, and the world around them in a new light. Specifically, we support opportunities for reflection and training aimed at fostering personal transformation, building leadership skills, promoting organizational development, forging effective coalitions, and cultivating new ways of envisioning our society. We also support efforts to evaluate the impact of contemplative pra…

Turner Foundation

The Turner Foundation, Inc. is a private, independent family foundation committed to preventing damage to the natural systems – water, air, and land – on which all life depends. The Foundation makes grants in the areas of the environment and population.