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Date Published: February 23, 2021

Albertsons Community Investment - ID, MT, NV, CA, OR, UT, WA, WY, AZ, CO, F...

Albertsons Community Investment gives grants to nonprofit and school programs that meet the following focus areas: Hunger Relief, Health, Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles. Geographical focus areas: Idaho, Montana, Southern Nevada, Southern California, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico or Texas.

Anna May Family Foundation

The Anna May Family Foundation strives to make grants that will generate a real impact on the people the project serves. Our foundation generally makes grants in the range of $1,000 to $10,000. Presently, the Anna May Family Foundation will make grants benefiting residents of Jackson County, Oregon and targeting: – those who are subjects of abuse; children who are at risk, emphasizing preschool education and recreational and cultural enrichment…

Bank of the West - AZ, CA, CO, ID, KS, MN, MO, NV, NM, ND, OK, OR, SD, UT,...

The mission of the Bank’s Charitable Contributions Program is to help meet the needs of the communities we serve by supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving quality of life, particularly for low– and moderate–income individuals and communities. The Bank will consider requests for contributions from nonprofit organizations that qualify under the following charitable giving categories: Community and Economic Development, Edu…

Bella Vista Foundation

The Bella Vista Foundation funds in the area of early childhood development in Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties, and ecosystem restoration projects in certain watersheds in California and Oregon.

Benton County Foundation

The Benton County Foundation community grants program provides funding for non–profit organizations within Benton County, Oregon through a grant review process. Funds for these grants are made possible through the unrestricted gifts given to the Foundation by area citizens and businesses.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Our Pacific Northwest program assists vulnerable children and families in Washington state and the greater Portland, Oregon area by supporting housing, early learning, and other community service programs.

Bill Healy Foundation

Our grants primarily support projects in the states of Oregon and Hawaii. We focus on Environmental Conservation and/or The Well Being of Children.

Blanche Fischer Foundation

The Blanche Fischer Foundation (BFF) is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded through a trust established by the late Blanche Fischer, a native of Long Creek, Ore. BFF makes direct grants on behalf of individuals with physical disabilities. The aid may relate directly to the disability or may less directly foster independence. In accordance with the terms of Ms. Fischer’s bequest, the foundation does not provide assistance for…

Blue Mountain Community Foundation

The Foundation’s primary interests in the fields of social and community services, education, health, the arts and humanities in the Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield, Benton and Franklin Counties in Washington and Umatilla County in Oregon.

Bridges Foundation

Activities funded by The Bridges Foundation are those approved by the Trustees in accordance with applicable tax laws. Under IRS 501(c)(3), the mission is broadly stated. It™s charitable purposes include charitable, scientific, literary or educational acts. Areas of funding interest include Education, Disability, environment, Culture, Community, Economic Development.

Bullitt Foundation

The Bullitt Foundation has substantially refined its funding focus, geographic priorities, approach to grant making, and operations. Where once the Foundation endeavored to cover the full range of environmental issues in the Pacific Northwest, it now will concentrate on urban issues, business and technology, ecosystem services and planning, and civic engagement. While the overall geographic region of interest remains the same, the Foundation will focus the…

Burning Foundation

The Burning Foundation supports Environmental Programs in Washington and Oregon and Nonprofit 501(c)(3) groups in the Puget Sound area that meet the stated areas of interest regarding teen pregnancy prevention. Average grant size: $5,000 to $12,000. Approximately $400,000 is granted each year. Before submitting a complete proposal, please send a one or two–page letter describing the project for which you are seeking support. Explain any relationship…

Carpenter Foundation

The major focus of the Carpenter Foundation has remained constant over the past half century and that is to make grants in four areas: human services, education, the arts and certain public interest issues. The Foundation limits funding to these activities and to the geographic area of Jackson and Josephine Counties in order to make more effective and focused use of limited resources.

Charlotte Martin Foundation

The Charlotte Martin Foundation, a private independent foundation established in 1987, operates in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. The Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of youth in the areas of athletics, culture, and education and also to preserving and protecting wildlife and habitat. Our two areas of focus – youth and wildlife – were established by our founder, Charlotte Yeoman Martin, during her lif…

Collins Foundation

The Collins Foundation exists to improve, enrich, and give greater expression to the religious, educational, cultural, and scientific endeavors in the state of Oregon and to assist in improving the quality of life in the state. In its procedures, the Foundation has not been an “Operating Foundation” in the sense of taking the initiative in creating and directing programs designed to carry out its purpose. Rather, the trustees have chosen to work through ex…

Coos County Cultural Coalition

The Coos County Cultural Coalition offers funding to members of the arts, music, theater, writers, cultural and natural history, and crafts communities. Individuals or nonprofit groups planning a special project, a topical exhibit reflecting local culture, an educational arts program, an interdisciplinary venture or some other creative endeavor which incorporates local culture, heritage or history can apply for grant funds.

Deacon Charitable Foundation

The Deacon Charitable Foundation mission is to improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work by supporting organizations that address vital community needs and issues in the areas of human services, animal welfare and the environment. The Foundation funds organizations that benefit people in the communities where S.D. Deacon Corp. conducts business: Washington, Oregon and California.

Dell Foundation

The Foundation supports a wide range of programs that benefit children newborn to 18 years of age in Dell’s principle US locations, and welcomes proposals from non–profit organizations that address the health and human services, the education, and the technology access for youth.

Dermody Properties Foundation

The Dermody Properties Foundation was founded in 1988, funded by the profits generated by the hard work and dedication of all employees at DP Partners. With a focus on the arts, education, and the family, as well as a special emphasis on children and the elderly, our employee–managed Foundation has provided funds and volunteer support to over 200 worthy non–profit organizations and community causes. The company has offices in Reno, Nevada, Port…

Donald C. and Elizabeth M. Dickinson Foundation - CA, NM, OK, OR, HI

The Donald C. and Elizabeth M. Dickinson Foundation was established in January 1995 as a nonprofit public benefit corporation to provide financial assistance to charitable organizations supporting, primarily, programs in education, medicine and Western heritage. Dickinson Foundation grants will normally fund scholarships, research, capital projects and Board–defined programs sponsored by established institutions with 501 (c)(3) status. Grants will no…

Equity Foundation

Founded in 1989, Equity Foundation works to eradicate prejudice towards the sexual and gender minority communities of Oregon. By working with organizations and philanthropic donors, we are able to fund change and change attitudes through granting and scholarship opportunities.

Ford Family Foundation

The Ford Family Foundation make grants to public charities that predominantly benefit small communities in rural Oregon and Siskiyou County, California. Areas of funding interest include Positive Youth Development, Access to Health and Dental Services for Children, Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention, Public Convening Spaces. The Foundation only accepts requests for funding through their on–line application process.

Foster Foundation - Pacific Northwest

The Foster Foundation is a family foundation that works to advance the quality of life for present and future Northwest generations. The Foundation believes that improving community life encompasses not only addressing life’s basic needs such as food, housing and employment, but also enriching community spirit through the support of artistic expression and cultural programs.

Fred Meyer Foundation - OR, WA, AK, ID

The Fred Meyer Foundation is dedicated to enriching the quality of life in the communities where Fred Meyer stores operate and where our customers and associates live and work. We are guided by the belief that corporate citizenship is an essential component of our relationship with our customers and is our responsibility as a member of the communities of Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Idaho. The Fred Meyer Foundation focuses grants on organizations that wo…

Fred Meyer Fund - AK, ID, OR, WA

Thanks to generous Customers and Associates, the Fred Meyer Fund is able to help support many organizations that strengthen and enhance our communities. Most Fred Meyer sponsorships are awarded to organizations and events that promote diversity and inclusiveness, environmental and conservation efforts, youth development or hunger reduction. Geographical focus areas include Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington.

Gibney Family Foundation - AZ, CA, CT, FL, ID, MA, ME, NH, NY, OR, VT, UT,...

The Gibney Family Foundation provides grants to non–profit organizations, within the scope of our influence, which can demonstrate an outstanding ability to empower those who are challenged, particularly the Blind, in their quest to live happier more productive lives. Even though the Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals at this time, we are interested in discovering, working with, and supporting the most effective non–profit o…

Gordon Elwood Foundation

The Gordon Elwood Foundation is a private foundation that distributes grants for educational, human service, and other charitable purposes, with a principal geographic focus in Oregon’s Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Curry counties. Grants from the Foundation may be made to qualified nonprofit, tax–exempt, charitable organizations and public entities in the aforementioned four counties. Areas of funding interest include Children and Individuals…

Grants Fundraising.com

Grants Fundraising.com’s purpose is to help spread the word about grants programs initiatives and fundraising opportunities from foundations, 501c3 non–profits organizations and private sector sources by posting those initiatives on our site. If your organization, foundation or fundraising company has grants opportunities and you are looking to spread the word about it we invite you to contact us about it so we may be able to post your grant ini…

H.W. Irwin and D.C.H. Irwin Foundation - Portland

Recognizing that today’s complex society presents many issues and problems that merit foundation support, the Irwin Foundation, established in 1992, has very broad areas of interest. These primarily include youth and families, education, and the elderly. The Foundation prefers to limit its funding almost exclusively to the Portland Metropolitan area. With rare exception, the Foundation does not support medical research, endowments, annual or year end…

Hoover Family Foundation

The Hoover Family Foundation was founded in 1992 to assist non–profit tax–exempt organizations in the social service and education areas to improve the quality of life and foster self–sufficiency. The foundation focuses on funding organizations located in and providing services to the residents of the metropolitan areas where the foundation is located –– Portland, Oregon and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation

The Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation, founded in 1987, is a family foundation which supports nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of nature, including wildlife and their required habitats. It also supports the institutions that present nature and our rich cultural heritage to the public – museums, libraries, aquariums, zoos and public media. Applicants must be a…

Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation - Pacific Northwest and Alaska

The Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation, founded in 1987, is a family foundation which supports nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of nature, including wildlife and their required habitats. It also supports the institutions that present nature and our rich cultural heritage to the public – museums, libraries, aquariums, zoos and public media. Applicants must be a…

Intel Community Grants - AZ, CA, CO, MA, NM, OR, UT, WA

The Intel Community Grants program is focused on programs that advance education and improve communities worldwide. By providing funding for national and localized grants, the foundation helps fuel innovation in classrooms, empower women and underserved youth, and enables Intel employees to serve the needs of their communities. The goals of the Intel Community Grants are to increase interest in math and science education, and to help develop a future workf…

Intel Foundation - AZ, CA, CO, MA, NM, OR, UT, WA

The Intel Foundation is a philanthropic organization focused on programs that advance education and improve communities worldwide. By providing funding for national and localized grants, the foundation helps fuel innovation in classrooms, empower women and underserved youth, and enables Intel employees to serve the needs of their communities. The goals of the Intel Foundation are to increase interest in math and science education, and to help develop a fut…

J.W. & H.M. Goodman Foundation - California Bay Area, Portland, Oregon

The J.W. & H.M. Goodman Foundation seeks to express its loyalty and commitment to those individuals and organizations that had a positive impact on the lives of the Grantors and to explore and support important and necessary programs that improve the quality of life. The Foundation wishes to support programs that are in alignment with their core values. Areas include: Community outreach to improving the quality of life by helping organizations that aid…

Jackson Foundation

The Jackson Foundation was established October 1960 pursuant to the last will of Maria C. Jackson. Its purpose is to respond to the requests deemed appropriate to “promote the welfare of the public of the City of Portland or the State of Oregon, or both.” The Foundation considers projects located outside the Portland metropolitan area only if the project is of statewide appeal, rather than of local concern.

James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation

The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation, an independent private foundation is interested in making single or multi–year grants for projects that advance the arts or education, including libraries and museums, in Oregon. Our primary interests are: Art & Education. The Foundation favors organizations whose basic mission is in arts or education, not projects that are related to arts or education from organizations whose primary mission is in o…

Jubitz Family Foundation

Grants will ONLY be considered for projects in Oregon that fall within the Foundation’s “Areas of Interest”. Requests for capital expenses or contributions to capital campaigns will not be considered. Areas of funding interest – Early childhood development and education, with an emphasis on children at–risk. Environmental stewardship, with an emphasis on rivers and their watershed ecosystems. Peacemaking activities, with an emp…

June & Julian Foss Foundation - WA, OR, CA, FL, MN

The June & Julian Foss Foundation supports programs and projects directed to children and youth, that promote values and that encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of curiosity and wonder. Our major goal is to change the life situations of young people in order to help them grow into healthy, responsible adults. We prefer to fund programs that provide preventive options, rather than enrichment experiences (as important as those are). The Foun…

KeyBank Foundation - AK, CO, ID, IN, KY, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR, UT, VT, WA

The KeyBank Foundation, through its civic programs, corporate contributions, and volunteerism supports organizations that foster economic self–sufficiency, principally where KeyBank operates. Funding Priorities: Financial Education Workforce Development, Diversity. Types of Support: Grants – Supporting programs fostering economic self–sufficiency at many types of nonprofit organizations; Sponsorships – Partnering with nonprofit orga…

Kinsman Foundation

The Foundation manages only two grant programs. The only differences are size of grants and timing of grant decisions and awards.Small grants – Inquiries for grants less than $10,000 are processed throughout the year, and there is no application deadline. Conventional grants – Our Board meets only once each year, in September, to decide grants for that year that have not been decided through the small grant program. Inquiries are due August 1 o…

Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation

The Kongsgaard–Goldman Foundation is a small, private foundation formed in 1988. The Foundation provides support to a wide range of nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana and British Columbia, Canada). Within the program areas of human rights, civic development, environmental protection and restoration, and the arts and humanities, the Foundation favors projects reflecting a deep and broad level o…

Lamb Foundation

The mission of the Lamb Foundation is to support a range of creative programs to improve the quality of human experience. Throughout our grantmaking, we particularly encourage those projects that recognize the positive impact of direct action, exploration, and intellectual curiosity. Overall, we prefer to support small projects that can clearly articulate their potential impact. Our emphasis is in the following areas of interest: Social Services for Youth…

Lazar Foundation

The Lazar Foundation is dedicated to funding innovative and strategic projects that protect the environment in the Pacific Northwest: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Leightman Maxey Foundation

The Leightman Maxey Foundation is a private foundation that distributes grants in support of nonprofit organizations whose services are in line with the mission of the foundation. The Foundation is particularly interested in supporting educational endeavors with any of the following focuses: Career: resume preparation, interview skills, career aptitude; Finance: budgeting, judicious use of credit, living within one’s means; Nutrition: shopping for and…

M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust

The Trust’s mission is to enrich the quality of life in the Pacific Northwest by providing grants and enrichment programs to organizations seeking to strengthen the region’s educational, spiritual, and cultural base in creative and sustainable ways. In addition to a special interest in education and scientific research, the Trust partners with a wide variety of organizations that serve the arts, public affairs, health and medicine, human services…

M.B. & Edna Zale Foundation - TX, FL, OR, NY

The M.B. & Edna Zale Foundation honors the tradition of its founders through grants that stimulate change. To accomplish this mission, the Foundation acts as a catalyst for collaboration and makes grants in communities where the Directors live or have an interest. Grants are made primarily in the communities of Dallas (Dallas County) and Houston (Harris County), Texas; Boca Raton, Florida; Portland, Oregon; and New York, New York including Long Island….

Mary McKinney and Flay Ezell Fund - Portland

The Mission of the Mary McKinney and Flay Ezell fund is simpleto celebrate families, the community, and opportunity. The giving focus reflects founders, Mary McKinney and Flay Ezell’s love for the North/NE Portland community they were a part of and their hope that the community would grow and thrive into the future.

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

The Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund was created in 1970 by the late Maybelle Clark Macdonald and her husband, Fred Macdonald, with the mission: To relieve the misfortune and promote the well–being of mankind. The Fund partners with Oregon not–for–profits that have established long term commitments to the welfare of those they serve. We serve five core missions: Cultural Arts, education, human services, medical research and public benefit. H…

McKay Family Foundation

The McKay Family Foundation was founded by Miles and Eleanor McKay to provide funding in support of Lane County Charities benefiting Lane County residents. We will consider applications from qualifying nonprofit organizations that are providing programs related to special education, health and social welfare. We will consider grant applications for operation of such programs and for the physical facilities used to carry out the programs.

Meyer Memorial Trust

The Meyer Memorial Trust makes grants to qualified tax–exempt applicants in Oregon and Clark County, Washington. The Trust operates three programs: Strategic Initiatives, Grants, and Program Related Investments.

Moyer Foundation

The Moyer Foundation funds organizations that help children in severe distress––children with life threatening illnesses or physical limitations, children who are coping with the loss of loved one, children who are victims of abuse or neglect. Support from The Moyer Foundation provides organizations with much needed resources to expand programs, purchase supplies, and enable children and their families to receive services and support. To be con…

Oregon Cultural Trust

The Oregon Cultural Trust is a statewide cultural plan to raise significant new funds to invest in Oregon’s arts, humanities and heritage. Funds will be distributed to local communities to support their cultural priorities, through competitive grants for projects of regional and statewide significance, and through grants to Oregon’s statewide cultural agencies to support their ongoing efforts.

Oregon Jewish Community Foundation

Incorporated as a nonprofit in 1990, the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation is dedicated to creating, promoting, and facilitating a culture of giving and serves as a permanent repository of funds available to safeguard the quality of Jewish communal life in Oregon and Southwest Washington. The Foundation Community Endowment Fund gives priority to projects addressing needs in the areas of Jewish art and culture, community development, education, health, soc…

Pacific Power Foundation - OR, WA, CA

The Pacific Power Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Pacific Power. Our mission, through our charitable investments, is to support the growth and vitality of our communities. The Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations in the categories of education; civic and community betterment; culture and arts; and health, welfare and social services.

Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Foundation - Northern California & South...

The Patricia D. & William B. Smullin Foundation seeks to help educate the citizens of Northern California and Southern Oregon through gifts to higher education, health education, and the Episcopal Church. In its grantmaking the Foundation gives priority to non–profits in the counties of Humboldt, Del Norte, Shasta, Trinity, Siskiyou, Tehama, Lassen, Butte, Modoc; Jackson, Josephine, Klamath, Lake, Coos, Curry, Douglas, Lane, Deschutes, Crook, and…

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

The mission of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is to transform individual lives and strengthen communities by fostering innovation, creating knowledge, and promoting social progress. Areas of funding interest include: Arts & Culture, Community Development and Social Change, Innovations in Science and Technology, Youth Engagement. The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation accepts letters of inquiry from eligible organizations located in, or serving popula…

Penney Family Fund - CA, OR

Formed in 1999, the Penney Family Fund supports organizations based in Oregon and California that work to advance human rights, community social, political, and economic empowerment, government accountability, and environmental sustainability.

PGE Foundation

The PGE Foundation is charged with a singular mission: To improve the quality of life for Oregonians. To achieve this wide–ranging objective, we award grants to organizations that support what we consider pillars of a vibrant society – education, arts and culture, and healthy families. A PGE Foundation Grant Request consists of two steps, both of which are submitted online: Letter of Inquiry (open to all who qualify); Full Application (at the i…

Qwest Foundation

The Qwest Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of customers and the communities we serve. The Foundation awards grants that generate high impact and measurable results through community–based programs, including K–12 education and economic development. We encourage you to learn more about the Foundation and request funding for your program. The primary geographic area of interest for Qwest is our 14–state region, including Minne…

Regence Foundation

The Regence Foundation is the corporate foundation of The Regence Group, a not–for–profit independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. We are committed to transforming health care and improving end–of–life care in collaborative and innovative ways. Specifically, we provide grants to aid nonprofit organizations serving communities throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah.

Renaissance Foundation

The intent of The Renaissance Foundation (“TRF”) is to make a significant difference in the lives of people in need, especially in the areas of education, human services and environment. TRF generally funds projects/programs in the Portland Metro area as well as National/International programs.

Robert and Frances Chaney Family Foundation

The mission of the Robert and Frances Chaney Family Foundation is to reach out to organizations in specified communities to build a better future by granting funds for educational purposes, human services, charitable and faith–based groups, and other purposes focusing on benefiting children, families and public safety personnel who reside in Jackson & Josephine Counties, Oregon; Barry County, Missouri and Cabell County, West Virginia.

Roundhouse Foundation

The Roundhouse Foundation was established in Sisters, Oregon in October 2002 to encourage community enrichment and economic development through the arts in Central Oregon. The Foundation focuses its grantmaking in Oregon, with a strong preference for programs and projects serving Deschutes County and the Sisters area.

Safeco - Portland

Safeco realizes that the most vibrant and successful neighborhoods have three things in common: an economically strong foundation, the ability to protect that foundation, and a cohesiveness that makes them desirable places to live. Our funding priorities seek to build strength in each of these areas. We fund programs and organizations that play a role in: Building an economic foundation for strong neighborhoods, Helping neighborhoods flourish and thrive. S…

Safeco Insurance Foundation

Established in 2006, the Safeco Insurance Foundation supports the communities in which we live and work. Our grants attempt to educate low–income children, strengthen cultural treasures, protect our most fragile, and uplift those most often left out or behind. Our grant making priorities are education and broad based health and human services. We also invest in access to health care for low–income individuals, and cultural organizations. The Sa…

Salem Foundation

For more than 75 years, the Salem Foundation has provided funding for a large variety of community based programs that serve the greater Salem area. In partnership with donors, the Salem Foundation supports nonprofit and other community organizations with funds for health and human services, affordable housing, early childhood development, community arts, culture and other important areas of need.

Silver Family Foundation

The mission of the Silver Family Foundation is to help youth reach their greatest potential by providing financial support to non–profits that utilize experiential educational opportunities for children. The foundation supports organizations in Pacific Northwest; Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The Silver Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals and all organizations must first complete the LOI process. Letters are reviewed on a co…

Stimson-Miller Foundation

The purpose of the Stimson–Miller Foundation is to carry on the charitable interests and concerns of the owners of Stimson Lumber Company, in the greater Portland area and communities throughout the United States where Stimson conducts its business and areas where Company shareholders reside or have charitable–giving interests. Stimson Lumber Company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with principal operations in Northwest Oregon, Eastern Wa…

Union Bank Foundation - CA, OR, WA, TX

The Union Bank Foundation, a nonprofit public benefit corporation, serves as an agent for charitable contributions made by Union Bank. Established in 1953, the Foundation has, throughout its history, supported the bank’s commitment to help meet the needs of the communities it serves. We believe that the Union Bank Foundation can achieve the greatest impact on the health of communities by targeting the following strategic funding categories: Affordable…

Visteon Corporation - AL, MI, MS, MO, OH, OR, PA, TN, TX

The Visteon Corporation supports the belief that a cohesive society is an essential foundation for business success, and that companies thrive with healthier, better–educated and more productive people. We believe that making corporate contributions is the best way to show employees and neighbors that we care about them, their families and their future. Visteon’s contributions are concentrated in two focus areas, youth and the environment. Viste…

Wessinger Foundation

The Wessinger Foundation is a private family foundation committed to a legacy of grantmaking to serve broad charitable purposes. Areas of Interest: The Foundation currently focuses its funding in the areas of Education, Arts & Culture, Health & Social Services, Civic, and Environment & Conservation. The Board has a strong preference for organizations serving Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties.

West Family Foundation

The Mission of the West Family Foundation is to give back to the community to provide a better opportunity in life for children and families who reside in Southern Oregon by providing grants for educational purposes, human services and other charitable causes. The Foundation’s primary areas of interest include: Schools; Youth programs; Human Services and other Charitable Causes. The Foundation will only make grants to organizations whose projects or p…

Western Lane Community Foundation

The Western Lane Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization chartered for the purpose of receiving, administering and distributing charitable funds for the benefit of residents in western Lane County, Oregon. Grants are awarded in the areas of education, medicine and science, the arts and social and civic services.

Wilburforce Foundation

The Wilburforce Foundation is dedicated to protecting nature’s richness and diversity through funding programs that help preserve our remaining wild places. The Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations that have programs operating in Alaska, the Yellowstone to Yukon region, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona or New Mexico.

Wildhorse Foundation

The Wildhorse Foundation was established January 1, 2001 for the purpose of formalizing charitable giving on behalf of the Wildhorse Resort & Casino and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Funds from the Wildhorse Foundation are to be used for education, public health, public safety, gambling addiction prevention, education and treatment, the arts, environmental protection, education or preservation, cultural activities, salmon…

Wood Family Charitable Trust

The Wood Family Charitable Trust was established in 2007 to support and promote quality educational, human services, and health care programming for underserved populations. The Wood Charitable Trust specifically serves the people of Vale, Oregon and its surrounding communities. The application deadline for the Wood Family Charitable Trust is March 15. Applicants will be notified of grant decisions by May 15.

Woodard Family Foundation

The Woodard Family Foundation grantmaking is primarily dedicated to organizations in the greater Cottage Grove, Oregon area where the Woodard Family Foundation was founded in 1952. First, the foundation only accepts unsolicited grant requests from the greater Cottage Grove, Oregon area. Second, agencies within the greater Eugene–Springfield area must first submit a one–page letter of inquiry outlining a specific amount and purpose.