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Last Updated: June 1, 2021
Date Published: February 12, 2021

A Glimmer of Hope Foundation

A Glimmer of Hope is a family foundation primarily focused on making a sustainable difference in the lives of the rural poor of Ethiopia by way of its innovative direct aid, self–help approach.

ADC Foundation

The ADC Foundation makes direct grants to two strategic focus areas: mathematics and science education, and nonprofit access to technology. Although the Foundation will continue to match ADC employee gifts to a wide spectrum of types of nonprofits and causes, the foundation will consider grant requests only in the following two areas: 1) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education – Grants to organizations whose primary mission…

Adidas Group Community Affairs

In managing our community affairs programme, the adidas Group has adopted a largely decentralised and brand–oriented model for community involvement practices, recognising that people in our subsidiaries and Group entities best understand the needs and cultural sensitivities of their local communities.

Africa Foundation

Africa Foundation is registered in South Africa as a non–profit organisation and has Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status. Our mission is to facilitate the empowerment and development of people living in or adjacent to protected areas in Africa, by forging unique partnerships between conservation initiatives and communities. We work in specific rural communities surrounding Conservation Corporation Africa’s (CC Africa) conservation areas.

African Development Foundation

ADF provides small grants of $250,000 or less to private and other nongovernmental entities in Africa to: Finance sustainable poverty alleviating initiatives that are conceived, designed, and implemented by Africans and aimed at enlarging opportunities for community development; Stimulate and expand the participation of Africa’s poor in the development of their countries; and Build sustainable African institutions that foster grassroots development.

After School Africa

Resource for Grants, Scholarship and Financial awards for students from Africa to study at home or abroad. Helping young Africans break barriers to education.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Aga Khan Foundation Canada is a non–profit international agency that supports social development programs in Asia and Africa. Our programs focus on four core areas: health, education, rural development and building the capacity of non–governmental organizations. Gender equity and protecting the environment are integrated into every program.

Alcatel-Lucent Foundation - International Focus

The Alcatel–Lucent Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Alcatel–Lucent and it leads the company’s charitable activities. With a focus on volunteerism, the Foundation’s mission is to support the commitment of Alcatel–Lucent to social responsibility by serving and enhancing the communities where its employees and customers live and work. To accomplish its mission, the Foundation manages grants and employee volunteerism on a glob…

Alcoa Foundation

A significant percentage of our grants originate in Alcoa communities. Four distinct Areas of Excellence provide thematic focus to the global allocation of our philanthropic resources. The majority of our grants fit within one of the following areas: Conservation and Sustainability, Safe and Healthy Children and Families, Global Education and Workplace Skills, and Business and Community Partnerships.


Allavida is not an endowed grantmaker, we provide grantmaking services to other funders. Our priority is to make grants funding available and accessible to smaller organisations and community groups wherever we work. Wherever possible and appropriate, small grants are integrated into training programmes. More broadly, we aim to assist domestic grantmakers in the countries in which we work, by developing collaborative grants programmes and by helping establ…

Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation - Maryland, Europe

The Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation was established in 1959 to perpetuate the philanthropic tradition of its founders, who were committed to the vitality of Baltimore™s cultural, educational, civic and Jewish communal institutions. Today, the Foundation continues our founders™ commitment to improve the lives of Baltimore residents by supporting efforts to improve quality public education, funding workforce development and job oppor…

Ambrose Monell Foundation

The Foundation mission is to Voluntarily aid and contribute to religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational uses and purposes, in New York, elsewhere in the United States and throughout the world.

American Berlin Opera Foundation, Inc.

The American Berlin Opera Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1986 to create scholarships sponsoring young American singers to study and perform in Berlin, and thereafter to pursue career opportunities in Europe.

American Express

The American Express Philanthropic Program makes grants in three major program areas: Economic Independence, Cultural Heritage and Community Service. It includes the American Express Foundation and certain corporate gifts. Outside the United States, grants are made to organizations that are able to document not–for–profit status.

American Himalayan Foundation

The American Himalayan Foundation is a non–profit organization dedicated to helping the people and ecology of the Himalaya.

Andrea And Charles Bronfman Philanthropies - Canada, Israel &US

The Foundations associated with The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies for over twenty years have focused their philanthropic vision on making a difference in Canada, Israel, the United States and around the Jewish world. Ultimately, ACBP seeks to span the separations created by geography, culture, and the requirements of daily life with a bridge built on the willingness of individuals in search of community, identity, and meaning. We operate in a…

Angelica Foundation

The Foundation makes program and initiative grants in the areas of the environment, social justice, and the arts, and supports groups that work in drug policy reform. Funding is restricted to nonprofit organizations in California, New Mexico, and Hawaii, as well as non–governmental organizations (NGOs) in Mexico and Central America.

Apex Foundation

The goal of the Apex Foundation is to support intervention programs that assist and inspire people to achieve self–sufficiency. The Foundation makes grants to non–government organizations (NGO’s) providing social assistance to people challenged by poverty, disability, or discrimination. The Foundation also supports relief agencies that serve people affected by emergencies and natural disasters.

Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation is a non–profit, non–governmental organization committed to the development of a peaceful, prosperous, just, and open Asia–Pacific region. The Foundation supports programs in Asia that help improve governance and law, economic reform and development, women’s empowerment, and international relations.

Asian Cultural Council

The Asian Cultural Council is a foundation supporting cultural exchange in the visual and performing arts between the United States and the countries of Asia.

Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice

Today, Astraea is the largest lesbian organization in the world. We raise funds and issue grants based on the belief that all women can participate in the philanthropic process–from giving to grantmaking. The International Grants Program includes the following: International Panel Grants, Social Change Opportunity Fund, International Interim/Emergency Fund, International Collaborative & Philanthropic Grants, International Donor Advised Grants, In…

AT & T Foundation

The AT&T Foundation makes grants to tax–exempt, nonprofit organizations as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, and in the case of international grants, to organizations that meet the criteria for nonprofit tax–exemption (under Section 501(c)(3)) and the laws of the country of incorporation. Areas of funding interest: K–12 and higher education – Accredited public and private elementary and secondary…

Atlantic Philanthropies

The Atlantic Philanthropies is dedicated to bringing about lasting changes in the lives of people who are disadvantaged by their economic situation, race, nationality, gender, age, disabilities, immigration status, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religion. We make grants through our Ageing, Children & Youth, Population Health and Reconciliation & Human Rights programmes. We are active in Australia, Bermuda, Northern Ireland, the Republ…

Avon Foundation for Women - Women & Health - National & International Focus

The Avon Foundation™s first grant, more than half a century ago, was a single scholarship of $400. The Foundation™s main efforts are today focused on the critical issues of breast cancer and domestic violence, and Avon global philanthropy is advancing these causes in more than 50 countries. As committed global citizens, Avon and the Avon Foundation also support emergency and disaster relief, while a scholarship program for Avon associates a…

Bahl Foundation - National & International focus

The Bahl Foundation is dedicated to advancing the health and well being of children around the world through education, health, faith and the arts.

Baxter International Foundation

The Baxter International Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Baxter International Inc., helps organizations increase access to healthcare in the United States and around the world. The foundation, established in 1981, began to focus exclusively on increasing access to healthcare – particularly for the disadvantaged and underserved – in and near communities where Baxter employees live and work.

Bernard van Leer Foundation

The Bernard van Leer Foundation funds and shares knowledge about work in early childhood development (ECD). Eligible countries for future grants currently are Brazil, Colombia, the East Caribbean region, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, United States of America and Zimbabwe. We will not consider your application if it has nothing to do with an…

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Through its Global Health program, the foundation works to close the gap between rich and poor countries by encouraging new research and supporting healthcare organizations that reach people most in need. Our Education program seeks to ensure that all students in the United States graduate from high school ready for college, work, and citizenship.

BNI-Misner Charitable Foundation

The BNI Foundation is a non–profit program that supports charitable causes relating to children and education in countries where BNI is operating. The primary focus of the foundation is to provide small mini–grants ($500.00 or less) for educational projects. These grants are given out once a year, generally in September.

Bridge Foundation - National & International

Bridge Foundation is a nonprofit humanitarian aid and development organization that promotes and supports the improvement of human health and nutrition worldwide. Founded in founded in 2002 the Foundation has provided emergency aid to Darfur (Sudan), Chad, Afghanistan, Iraq, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Indonesia, Jamaica and Lebanon and many others. Bridge Foundation has also assisted domestically in response to Hurricane Katrina and others in Flor…

Brigitte Bardot Foundation - International

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation fight against all forms of animal suffering in France and abroad. She participates in projects of reintroduction to the wild and the creation of sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers for wildlife as well as in the development of laws protecting animals and implements awareness campaigns among the general public.

Brinker International - National & International Focus

Brinker International, Inc. is one of the world™s leading casual dining restaurant companies. With more than 1,700 restaurants and over 125,000 team members in 27 countries and two territories, Giving back to the communities where we live and work is one of Brinker International’s core values. We contribute millions of dollars to charitable organizations each year, as well as thousands of hours of volunteer time from our Team Members. Our main…

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

The Foundation™s activities support a broad range of programs that address important health matters and educational issues around the world. Among the Foundation™s major initiatives are the Unrestricted Biomedical Research Grants Program, which provides no–strings–attached research grants in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular, infectious and metabolic diseases, neuroscience and nutrition. We also support programs that improve t…

Brother’s Brother Foundation

The mission of Brother™s Brother Foundation (BBF) is to promote international health and education through the efficient and effective distribution and provision of donated medical, educational, agricultural and other resources.

CA IT Management

For more than three decades, CA has supported communities where its employees live and work. Serving a global company with offices in more than 43 countries, CA™s Corporate Community Affairs department supports communities through employee giving programs, CA Together Community grants, CA Together IT Program offerings and corporate contributions.

Cable and Wireless Company Community Involvement

Working in partnership with local groups to ensure that our contribution meets their needs, we support a range of initiatives worldwide. Our focus is on international projects that promote the understanding of communications through training and education. As part of our commitment to closing the ‘digital divide’, we look to assist people and communities who are at risk of exclusion from the world of technology–enabled opportunity.

Cabot Corporation

Our Corporate Giving strategy is designed to support Cabot’s community outreach activities, with priority given to science and technology education, and community and civic improvement efforts in the communities where we operate. A key element of this strategy is to have Cabot’s four regions ” North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and South America ” be participants in Cabot’s Corporate Giving program.

Camphill Foundation - Health & Wellness - National & International Focus

The Camphill Foundation funds activity that addresses the challenges of people living with developmental, cognitive and psychological disabilities. We provide grants to individuals, nonprofit organizations in the United States, and as well as nongovernmental organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe and elsewhere in North America. Grant applicants should share our focus on work that promotes mental and emotional well–being. If you are committed technique…

Cargill Corporation Charitable Giving

Cargill has contributed more than US $58 million to nonprofit and/or nongovernmental organizations, schools and local community organizations in locations where we have a business presence. Our contributions increased 24 percent over the previous fiscal year. Our giving is aligned with our business objective to help build sustainable communities where we live and work. We focus primarily in three areas: Nutrition and health, Education, Environmental stewar…

Carnegie Corporation of New York

The Carnegie Corporation of New York was created to promote “the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding.” Under Carnegie’s will, grants must benefit the people of the United States, although up to 7.4 percent of the funds may be used for the same purpose in countries that are or have been members of the British Commonwealth, with a current emphasis on Commonwealth Africa. National Program: The National Program aims to contribute to a…

Caterpillar Foundation - Multiple States & International

The Caterpillar Foundation has long regarded investing in communities as fundamental to our concept of good business. Being a global industry leader also means that we must also be a leader in communities we are based in. Funds distributed by the Foundation are helping to promote access to basic human needs, provide humanitarian relief after natural disasters, enhance schools and libraries, preserve environments and promote conservation. Additionally the F…

Cedar Foundation - Education & Children - USA, South Africa, Kenya & Mexico

The Cedar Foundation provides funding to enable students in disadvantaged circumstances to have the opportunity for high–quality education through college/university. This is done through partnership support of orphanages, schools, and other charitable organizations providing academic development to children in USA, Mexico, South Africa and Kenya.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Through its four programs, and their more specific program areas, the Foundation seeks to fulfill its mission of supporting efforts that promote a just, equitable and sustainable society – Civil Society, Environment, Flint Area and Pathways Out of Poverty. Through our Civil Society program, we fund non–governmental organizations in Central/Eastern Europe and South Africa.


HIV/AIDS has enormous social, economic, and political impacts that directly affect many of our employees and their families, the communities in which we operate, and ultimately, our business. In response, and as part of our overall commitment to corporate responsibility, Chevron is working to help combat HIV/AIDS in our workforce and in the communities in which we operate around the world.

Child Foundation

As an international charity, Child Foundation helps children living in poverty to remain in school. The children sponsored through our programs are high achievers, and many of the children we assist are orphans or children living in emergency situations. By enhancing the quality of life for children in need, as well as their respective families, we actively help them gain access to education.

Choice Hotels International Foundation

The Choice Hotels International Foundation grants funds to charitable organizations that meet the Foundation’s guidelines and are located in the areas where Choice Hotels International has a corporate presence. The Foundation will support these efforts by actively engaging our associates and franchisees through volunteerism and philanthropic giving. The primary areas of focus that define the Foundation’s giving are: Providing shelter and food to…

Christensen Fund

The Christensen Fund (TCF) focuses its grantmaking on maintaining the rich diversity of the world”biological and cultural”over the long run, by focusing on four geographic regions: The Greater South West (Southwest USA and Northwest Mexico), Central Asia and Turkey, The African Rift Valley (Ethiopia), Northern Australia and Melanesia.

Cisco Systems Social Investments - National & International Focus

At Cisco, we believe in the power of collaboration, so many of our CSR activities are achieved through partnerships with nonprofit organizations and NGOs. We focus our grant–making activities on three issue areas: addressing critical human needs, improving access to education, and supporting economic empowerment. In order to maximize the collaborative impact of our investments, we partner with community organizations that leverage the internet and co…

Citigroup Foundation

Working with a global network of colleagues and partners, the Foundation gives grants focused in three main areas: Financial Education, Educating the Next Generation, Building Communities and Entrepreneurs.

Coca-Cola Foundation

At The Coca–Cola Company, we recognize that we cannot have a healthy and growing business unless the communities we serve are healthy and sustainable. We are committed to improving the quality of life in the communities where we do business and have realigned our community investment priorities to be reflective of and responsive to the global and local nature of our business. Our renewed strategy focuses on global pillars where we can make a unique a…

Columbia Sportswear Company - National & international Focus

Columbia Sportswear Company believes corporate responsibility includes supporting and empowering communities in countries where we manufacture, source materials, and sell product. Support is primarily provided through two programs: the Summit III program for support exceeding $2,500 (in–kind, cash, or combination) and our 5.4 program for grants up to $2,500. Areas of funding interest include Environmental Conservation, Outdoor Education.

Conservation, Food & Health Foundation

The Conservation, Food, & Health Foundation was incorporated in 1985 and began making grants in 1986. Its purpose is to assist in the conservation of natural resources, the production and distribution of food, and the improvement and promotion of health in the developing world. The geographic focus of the Foundation is the developing world. Preference will be given to organizations located in developing countries or to developed country organizations w…

Cottonwood Foundation

The Cottonwood Foundation is dedicated to promoting empowerment of people, protection of the environment, and respect for cultural diversity. The foundation focuses its funding on committed, grass roots organizations that rely strongly on volunteer efforts and where foundation support will make a significant difference. The Foundation awards grants in the $500 to $1,000 range to grassroots organizations in the United States and internationally. At least 90…

Credit Suisse Asia Pacific Corporate Philanthropy - International Focus

The focus of Asia Pacific Corporate Philanthropy is on providing support for disadvantaged children’s education. Investments have been made in school construction and in providing professional skills development training for teachers. Continued support is also provided for a number of university scholars.

Credit Suisse Foundation

The Credit Suisse Foundation enhances participation through education by supporting innovative organizations and projects all over the world. Our programs promote and support the education of school–aged children in selected countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific using a three–fold approach that focuses on access; quality and relevance; impact and sustainability.

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Guided by the business philosophy and values of our Founders, we invest in innovative people and organizations to improve the lives of children, enable the creative pursuit of science, advance reproductive health, and conserve and restore earth’s natural systems. Core Grantmaking Programs – We focus the majority of our grantmaking in three program areas: Conservation and Science, Population and Reproductive Health, Children, Families, and Commun…

Dewan Foundation

The Dewan Foundation was established in January 2000 following the completion of the sale of STATS. Inc. , a sports information company founded by John and Susan Dewan in the 1980’s. The foundation provides financial support and assistance to organizations that provide direct services to people in poverty. Faith–based organizations are a focus of grant making. Self–help projects that transform lives are a special interest. Grants will focu…

Dickler Family Foundation

The Dickler Family Foundation’s programs promote grassroots community development abroad; domestic and international reproductive health; and early childhood education in the New York City public schools. They also support reforms related to these programs.

Disability Rights Fund

DRF will make grants to organizations and projects that demonstrate a clear ability and commitment to contribute to the advancement of the human rights of persons with disabilities. Grants will provide one–year, project–specific support. Cross–disability and other partnerships in–country are strongly encouraged, as are projects which address particularly marginalized sectors of the disability community.

Dole Community Investment - Education - National & International Focus

Dole Food Company’s charitable program is dedicated to bringing about positive change in the area of nutrition education for children. The Company’s goal is to help the next generation of adults prevent many diseases by teaching them the value of good nutrition through improved and interactive teaching curriculums for schools. In Dole’s overseas operations, each division contributes generously to the communities in which they operate. The pr…

Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation

The Foundation mission is to advance the well being of children in all parts of the world regardless of national, cultural, religious or ethnic heritage; to aid and assist in providing the basic needs of food, shelter, health and education to such children, and to relieve the suffering of children with mental and physical handicaps. Proposals are being considered on a regular basis.

Dow Chemical Company Foundation

As the company’s philanthropic arm, The Dow Chemical Company Foundation contributes more than $18 million annually to charitable and educational institutions in Dow communities on behalf of Dow and its employees around the world. As the company’s philanthropic arm, The Dow Chemical Company Foundation contributes more than $18 million annually to charitable and educational institutions in Dow communities on behalf of Dow and its employees around t…

DuPont - National & International

DuPont is committed to improving the quality of life and enhancing the vitality of the communities in which it operates throughout the world. Through financial contributions and the volunteer efforts of its employees, DuPont supports programs and organizations that address social progress, economic success and environmental excellence – all vital components of community sustainability. Each year, DuPont contributes to numerous efforts that meet the n…

East West Foundation of India

Funds initiatives in health care, child welfare, education, and other areas.

Eli Lilly Foundation

The Eli Lilly Foundation has established the following areas of funding interest: aligned health care and human services, public policy research, academic relations, civic and community development, diversity, culture, education and youth development, and discretionary/unclassified.

Elton John AIDS Foundation

The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) was established in the United States in 1992 by Sir Elton John. EJAF’s U.S. office is located in New York City. In 1993, Sir Elton also established the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF–UK) in the United Kingdom, headquartered in London. These two organizations function as separate entities with their own distinct grant–making portfolios, but both pursue similar missions – to support innovative HI…

Estée Lauder Global Philanthropy - National & International

The Est©e Lauder Companies has long supported numerous institutions and programs that reflect the interests and concerns of our consumers and employees around the world. Over the years, our corporate and brand philanthropy programs and community initiatives have focused on advancing the activities and growth of numerous organizations dedicated to health and human services, education, the environment and the arts. Our contributions take many forms: The…

ExxonMobil Community Investment

ExxonMobil is committed to being a responsible partner in the communities where we operate. Areas of funding interest include education, the environment, health, safety, women economic opportunities, community development as well as worldwide giving in the regions in which they operate.

Family Care Foundation

The Family Care Foundation (FCF) provides humanitarian services and support and training to grassroots organizations in developing countries. The Foundation International Relief and Development includes funding for programs targeting Orphans & Street Kids, AIDS, Medical Programs, Computer Literacy, Drug Awareness, Emergency Relief, Education, grants for Physically Challenged and Food.

Fauna & Flora International

Fauna & Flora International, founded in 1903, was the world™s first international conservation organisation. Expanding beyond our African origins, FFI succeeded in giving conservation a voice on the international stage and drawing worldwide attention to the plight of rare and endangered species and habitats. The Rapid Response Facility is a small grants programme jointly operated by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the United Nations Foundatio…

FCCA Foundation - Caribbean and Latin America

The FCCA Foundation provides a tangible mechanism for the cruise industry to fund a range of humanitarian causes in the Caribbean and Latin America. In its 16 years of existence, the Foundation has impacted hundreds of thousands of citizens by providing over $3 million in funding to causes and charities throughout the region.

FedEx Social Responsibility - National & International Focus

FedEx supports organizations that positively impact communities around the world. We leverage our global network and philanthropic resources to help them achieve their goal. Areas of funding interest include Disaster Relief, Safety, Education, Health and Human Services.

Firelight Foundation - Africa

The Firelight Foundation mission is to improve the well–being of children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS and poverty in Sub–Saharan Africa. We support grassroots organizations that help families and communities meet the needs of their children. Firelight accepts unsolicited proposals from seven countries in Sub–Saharan Africa: Lesotho, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. In addition, Firelight awards grants to CBOs…

Flahive Family Foundation - International Focus

The purpose of the Flahive Family Foundation is to enhance the quality of life of people all over the world through activities that promote education, self–sufficiency, health and wellness. The emphasis is on international projects and third world countries, especially Africa.

Ford Foundation

Grants and PRIs are given in the Foundation’s fields of interest through a program division encompassing three broad areas: Asset Building and Community Development; Education, Media, Arts, and Culture; and Peace and Social Justice.

Fundaçao Roberto Marinho - Brazil

Educar © a atividade mais nobre que podemos realizar. Atrav©s de parcerias para o desenvolvimento de iniciativas educacionais, contribuímos para a melhoria da qualidade de vida dos indivíduos e o crescimento do país.

La Fundació duu a terme les seves activitats en quatre àmbits: social, educatiu, científic i cultural. En cadascun d’aquests àmbits promou activitats de divulgació, formació i investigació adre§ades a tota la societat.

Fundación Rigoberta Menchu - Guatemala

La Fundación asume como su misión, contribuir a recuperar y enriquecer los valores humanos, para la construcción de una ©tica de paz mundial, a trav©s de la lucha por la justicia y la democracia, en especial por los pueblos indígenas.

G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation - National & International

The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation mission is to aid and contribute to religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational uses and purposes, in New York, elsewhere in the United States and throughout the world. In order to ascertain if your organization and its proposed project or program fit within the Foundation’s guidelines, kindly submit a letter of inquiry (LOI).

Gap, Inc.

For nearly three decades, Gap Foundation ” the charitable arm of Gap Inc. ” has actively supported the communities around the world where we live and work. Through grants, in–kind donations, community outreach and employee volunteer programs, Gap Foundation gives money, time and hope to those in our communities who need it most. Over the past five years, Gap Inc. has distributed approximately $60 million in cash grants worldwide. Thro…

GE Foundation

As the philanthropic organization of GE, GE Foundation works to solve some of the world™s most difficult problems. In coordination with its partners, it supports U.S. and international education, the environment, public policy, human rights and disaster relief. In addition, GE Foundation supports GE employee and retiree giving and involvement in GE communities around the world.

GE Foundation - National & International Focus

The GE Foundation provides grants and invest in initiatives that work to solve some of the world™s most difficult problems. In coordination with our partners, we support U.S. and international education, developing health globally, the environment, public policy, human rights, disaster relief and community success around the globe.

Glaser Progress Foundation

The Glaser Progress Foundation focuses on four program areas: Measuring Progress, Animal Advocacy, Independent Media, Global HIV/AIDS. The Foundation does not accept grant proposals or solicitations for the Global HIV/AIDS program area. Though frequently asked, the Foundation does not fund companion animal shelters or animal sanctuaries.

Global Fund for Women

The Global Fund for Women supports women’s groups that advance the human rights of women and girls. We strengthen women’s right groups based outside the United States by providing small, flexible, and timely grants ranging from $500 to $20,000 for operating and program expenses.

Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was created to dramatically increase resources to fight three of the world’s most devastating diseases, and to direct those resources to areas of greatest need. The Fund does not accept proposals from individual charities, organizations or projects. Non–CCM proposals will be accepted only under exceptional circumstances. (For full details on these exceptions, please see the “Who May Apply?”…

Goldman Sachs Foundation

The Goldman Sachs Foundation was funded in 1999 with a $200 million donation from The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. The Foundation™s mission is to promote excellence and innovation in education worldwide.

Grameen Foundation

The Grameen Foundation helps the world™s poorest, especially women, improve their lives and escape poverty through access to microfinance and technology. With a footprint in 36 nations, Grameen Foundation is able to identify local needs and share best practices and lessons learned to enhance and expand local programs that move women from poverty to financial self–sufficiency.


Grants’s purpose is to help spread the word about grants programs initiatives and fundraising opportunities from foundations, 501c3 non“profits organizations and private sector sources by posting those initiatives on our site. If your organization, foundation or fundraising company has grants opportunities and you are looking to spread the word about it we invite you to contact us about it so we may be able to post your grant i…

Green Family Foundation

The Green Family Foundation™s mission is to make a positive and meaningful impact in communities both at home and abroad. We provide funding and resources to organizations that support education, global health and community development. GFF empowers underserved communities to fight the cycle of extreme poverty, leading to sustainable programs that improve lives.

Greenbaum Foundation - International Focus

The Greenbaum Foundation focuses its funding primarily on international innovative human rights projects benefiting children and youth –– abolishing all forms of modern day slavery, ending female genital mutilation/cutting, fighting child abuse, neglect, sex trafficking of children, forced prostitution, the using of children as soldiers.

Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation is dedicated to assisting the poor through operating and capital grants to direct service organizations primarily located in Maryland, Hawaii, Northeastern Pennsylvania, New York, Israel and the Former Soviet Union. These grants focus on meeting basic needs such as shelter, nutrition, health, socialization, and enhancing an individual™s ability to meet those needs. Within that focus, emphasis is placed on…

Hasbro Children's Fund

The mission of the Hasbro Children’s Fund is to assist children in triumphing over critical life obstacles as well as bringing the joy of play into their lives. Through our initiatives we will achieve this mission by supporting programs which provide terminal and seriously ill children respite and access to play, educational programs for children at risk, and basics for children in need. We will support US based 501 C 3 organizations who deliver progr…

Henry Luce Foundation

The work of the Luce Foundation reflects the interests of four generations of the Luce family. These include the interdisciplinary exploration of higher education; increased understanding between Asia and the United States; the study of religion and theology; scholarship in American art; opportunities for women in science and engineering; and environmental and public policy programs.

Herbalife Family Foundation

Created in 1994 by Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes, Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) creates partnerships with charities to help meet the nutritional needs of children at risk. At the same time, HFF is there to provide funds to organizations assisting victims of natural disasters. HFF is a global non–profit organization working in communities around the world.

Hess Educational Foundation - Taiwan

The Hess Educational Foundation is a non–profit organization dedicated to providing bilingual educational opportunities throughout Taiwan. Philanthropy opportunities are available to all its employees, local and foreign.

Hewlett Packard Global Investment

We believe innovation in education is vital to developing the next generation of high–tech innovators and entrepreneurs. Whenever possible, we feature HP technology in ways that support teaching, learning, and meeting the needs of communities around the world.

Hewlett-Packard Philanthropy

HP is committed to making the benefits of technology accessible to all people as a means to learn, work and thrive. Through grants of HP technology to non–profit organizations and primary and secondary schools, especially in communities where HP has a presence, and to colleges and universities around the world, HP seeks to promote educational opportunities and strengthen non–profit organizations addressing long–term societal needs. HP&apo…

Inter-American Foundation

The Inter–American Foundation (IAF) is an independent agency of the United States government that provides grants to nongovernmental and community–based organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean for innovative, sustainable and participatory self–help programs.

International Theos Foundation - International

The International Theos Foundation provides resources, financial and material, to organizations making a difference in providing unique and/or critical services to humankind throughout the world. Resources are provided to local organizations helping the “poorest of the poor” to improve food, shelter, health, cultural, and education opportunities, as well as other critical services required to support democratic societies. Resource allocation will be based…

J & M Foundation

The J & M Foundation carries on the dreams and aspirations of Joseph and May Winston by making grants for charitable, educational, scientific, artistic and literary purposes. The scope of grants thus far made have primarily focused on education in the United States, Europe and Israel. The Foundation has also made grants to further musical education and medical research.

J.P. Morgan & Co. Inc.

In 2006, JPMorgan Chase will give more than $100 million through grants and sponsorships to thousands of not–for–profit organizations around the world. The firm also supports the individual interests of its global employee population through the Matching Gift program and offers opportunities to give back to the communities we serve through a range of volunteerism activities initiated by colleagues supporting our local, regional or national mark…

Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation

The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation promotes social justice and human rights through its five program areas: Jewish life, strengthening Israeli democracy, health and mental health, educational opportunity, and human rights. Support is provided to organizations in the United States and abroad.

Japan Foundation

The purpose of the Japan Foundation is: “to contribute to a better international environment, and to the maintenance and development of harmonious foreign relationships with Japan, through deepening other nations™understanding of Japan, promoting better mutual understanding among nations, encouraging friendship and goodwill among the peoples of the world, and contributing to the world in culture and other fields through the efficient and comprehe…

Jelks Family Foundation - Environment - Florida & Global Focus

The Jelks Family Foundation was formed in 1994 to promote cultural, educational, environmental, historical, and humanitarian programs through charitable giving and active participation. While we are based in Florida, we are engaged globally. Our Foundation includes legal, health, and environmental professionals.


”]The John Deere Foundation provides donations and grants to nonprofit organizations, support a variety of local programs, and encourage our employees to volunteer their time and considerable talents to programs of their choice. Additionally, our focus on world hunger is helping people to build new lives for themselves and their families. The John Deere Foundation provides donations and grants to nonprofit organizations, support a variety of local programs,…

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust - UK, Ireland, South Africa

The JRCT makes grants to individuals and to projects seeking the creation of a peaceful world, political equality and social justice. We chiefly support work undertaken in the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

King Baudouin Foundation

The King Baudouin Foundation came into being in 1976 on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the reign of King Baudouin. In its Deed of Formation, the Foundation was described as an independent structure to encourage original ideas and set up new projects. The mission of the King Baudouin Foundation is at once very clear and very wide–ranging: to help to improve living conditions for the population.

King Faisal Foundation

Established in 1976, the King Faisal Foundation is a global philanthropic organization inspired by Islamic values. The Foundation believes in: Promoting self–sufficiency among less fortunate communities, Furthering academic and scientific knowledge through its education and award programs, Being self–financing through its proven, practical expertise in managing its investments, as well as through encouraging donations.

La Catalina Educational Foundation

La Catalina Educational Foundation is a Mexican non profit, based in La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico and founded in 2003. The organization offers free or highly subsidized programs to advance the educational and economic level of the local Mexican people, including English,Spanish,and Math classes, academic tutoring for at risk youth, small business development training, art and dance classes, and more. In 2008, LCEF started construction on the Costa Alegre…

Levi Strauss & Co. Foundation

Two interrelated issues direct our global giving programs: Preventing the Spread of HIV/AIDS through prevention–related programs targeting women and youth, particularly where local policy–makers are receptive or where social bias about HIV/AIDS remains strong. Increasing Economic Development and Education Opportunities which enhance economic self–sufficiency through micro–enterprise programs and asset – and wealth–buildi…

Lien Foundation

The Lien Foundation pioneers new ground in philanthropy by forging strategic partnerships and catalysing action on social and environmental challenges. Our model of philanthropy goes beyond the traditional role of donor–sponsor. We endeavour to make a difference by seeking out and addressing the root cause of problems. The Foundation™s key areas of focus are Education, Eldercare and the Environment. Within these areas, we seek to enhance: Edu…

Lyford Cay Foundation

The Lyford Cay Foundation was created to enhance and enrich The Bahamas and the lives of its people. To this end, we direct our resources into two principal areas: Increasing the availability of higher education and technical training for Bahamians, Supporting local non–profit groups through financial contributions and volunteer initiatives.

MacArthur Foundation

The MacArthur Foundation is one of the nation™s largest independent foundations. Through the support it provides, the Foundation fosters the development of knowledge, nurtures individual creativity, strengthens institutions, helps improve public policy, and provides information to the public, primarily through support for public interest media. The Foundation has several programs that include International Program, Domestic Program: Affordable Hous…

Macauley Foundation

The Macauley Foundation is a private not–for–profit corporation which is operated for the sole purpose of awarding grants to charitable organizations that exemplify compassion for humankind, and are committed to improving lives, the world over. At the present, The Macauley Foundation will not consider funding for homeless and feeding programs which are located outside our local area.

MacDella Cooper Foundation - Liberia

The MacDella Cooper Foundation (MCF) is a 501c3 international charitable organization devoted to empowering Liberian youth, especially orphans and abandoned children, by providing education and the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. Our vision is to give as many Liberian children as possible the chance to escape the poverty cycle and grow in the nurturing environment of an MCF Academy, so that they can lead Liberia toward an economically str…

Mama Cash

Mama Cash supports pioneering initiatives by women worldwide that contribute to strengthening the women’s position and improving their rights. By financing women™s initiatives in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, Mama Cash helps give women greater influence in their own lives and environments. Mama Cash is investing in a better future for women and girls worldwide. And men benefit as well.

MasterCard Foundation

The MasterCard Foundation™s vision is to make the global economy work for everyone. Our focus is on two areas: microfinance and youth education. Through our work, the Foundation is empowering people to lift themselves out of poverty and create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Mattel's global philanthropy programs and the Mattel Children's Foundation

Mattel is making a difference in the lives of children in all countries where we have operations and in many of the 150 countries in which Mattel sells its product. In 2006, the Mattel Children’s Foundation launched its International Grants Program, representing the first time that the Foundation granted funds outside of the U.S. In 2006, charitable organizations serving children in 38 countries received grants of $25,000 or more each to make a differ…

May and Stanley Smith Trust

The Trust makes grants to organizations that are recognized as 501(c)(3) public charities by the United States Internal Revenue Service, and to non–U.S. organizations that can demonstrate that they would meet the requirements for such status. The grant award limit is $6,000. The Trust generally funds smaller nonprofit organizations, to which such an amount would make a significant difference. The Trust provides support in the following areas: General…

McKnight Foundation - Minnesota & International

The McKnight Foundation assists nonprofit organizations and public agencies to improve the quality of life for all people, particularly those in need. Through grantmaking, coalition–building, and encouragement of strategic policy reform, we aim to strengthen children, families, communities, and the Twin Cities region; enrich people’s lives through the arts; encourage protection of the natural environment; and promote research in selected fields….

Medtronic Foundation

The Medtronic Foundation’s giving extends across the globe, often with the help of our employee grantmaking committees. Nationally and internationally, we work together with community partners and employees to improve the health and vitality of people and communities worldwide. The Foundation Community Link program focuses on Health, Education, Arts/Civic/Culture, Human Services for non–profit organizations located in Selected U.S. Communities;…

Micron Foundation - Singapore, Japan & Italy

Endowed with gifts from Micron Technology, Inc., the Micron Foundation’s mission is to develop effective programs that promote math, science, and engineering education; and to participate in activities that address the priorities and concerns of the communities where Micron employees live and work. Outreach, grants, innovation, and collaboration are key elements in reaching our goals. For community and K–12 grants, you must be located in a manuf…

Milagro Foundation

The Milagro Foundation, founded by Carlos and Deborah Santana, provides financial assistance for children all over the world in the areas of health, education and the arts. The Santanas believe that life is a miracle (milagro) and that children everywhere deserve the opportunity to lead safe, healthy and educationally creative lives.

Million Dollar Round Table Foundation

The vision of the Million Dollar Round Table Foundation is to be the premier charitable foundation involving all members and improving the quality of life for those in need. Building playgrounds where few children feel like laughing or smiling; Providing emergency assistance to aid families enduring the unimaginable; Bringing new hope to cancer patients through leading edge research; Making the wishes of terminally ill children come true.

Monsanto Fund

The organizations and programs we support are as varied as the places around the globe where we do business. Our goal, however, is but one: To improve peoples lives by bridging the gap between their needs and their resources. Some grants emanate from our headquarters community in St. Louis, while others come from our facilities in the U.S. and around the world. Still another kind of giving comes in the form of matching gifts that support our employees&apos…

Morton and Jane Blaustein Foundation

The Morton and Jane Blaustein Foundation makes grants in the United States and abroad. Support is provided in the program areas of educational opportunity, health and mental health, and human rights.

Motorola Foundation

Our giving philosophy promises to fund innovative educational programs, community enrichment & environmentally sound initiatives.


Since its inception in 1994, the M·A·C AIDS Fund (MAF) has remained deeply committed to supporting diverse organizations around the world that are providing vital services to people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. Our goal is to use our resources to improve the lives of people affected by HIV and AIDS by strengthening prevention programs and direct services. U.S. Grant–Making Program – The M·A·C AIDS Fund operates two programs for…

National Arts and Cultures Foundation - Taiwan

The National Culture and Arts Foundation is a non–profit organization whose goals include providing locale for cultural–artistic endeavors whilst promoting high standards of artistic and cultural expression in Taiwan. To fulfill this mission, the NCAF has mapped out a development blueprint that focuses on four aspects: research, grants, awards and promotion.

National Geographic Society/Waitt Grants Program

The National Geographic Society/Waitt Grants Program, an initiative of the National Geographic Society and the Waitt Institute for Discovery, helps qualified and experienced individuals launch the most difficult stage of a project for which to secure funding”the search. Grants are made for exploratory fieldwork that holds promise for new breakthroughs in the natural and social sciences. NGS/Waitt Grants applications are processed throughout the yea…

New Israel Fund

The New Israel Fund makes grants only to non–profit organizations legally registered in Israel (Amuta status) whose primary purpose falls within one or more of the following categories: Human and civil rights, Social and economic justice, Tolerance and religious pluralism, The Fund does not fund organizations’ activities outside the State of Israel, private initiatives or individuals.

Newman’s Own Foundation - National & International

The Newman™s Own Foundation is committed to incorporating Paul™s spirit, values, and personal style into our work. Historically, Paul Newman donated to a very broad class of charities in education, the environment, health, human services, community development, international causes, emergency campaigns, and arts and culture. These gifts were distributed widely throughout the United States and abroad. The Foundation does not restrict itself…

Nike Foundation

The Nike Foundation seeks to empower disadvantaged girls ages 10 to 19 years, the age group defined as adolescents by the World Health Organization. We also plan to reserve a portion of funds to support projects such as relief donations and other programs that we initiate.

Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation

Nu Skin Enterprises’ spirit of long–term social responsibility led to the creation of the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation: a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of children by offering hope for a life free from disease, illiteracy, and poverty. Since its inception in 1996, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation has supported hundreds of worthwhile projects in more than 50 countries throughout the world.

Oak Foundation - US & International Focus

The Oak Foundation commits its resources to address issues of global social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged. Areas of funding interest include Climate Change, Human Rights, Homelessness, Marine Conservation, Child Abuse, Women Issues.

Onassis Public Benefit Foundation

Program areas include scholarships and research grants, international competitions, and support for Hellenic Studies.

One Laptop per Child Foundation

The OLPC Foundation’s mission is to stimulate local grassroots initiatives designed to enhance and sustain over time the effectiveness of XO laptops as learning tools for children living in lesser–developed countries.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is one of the larger independent grantmaking foundations in the UK. Its primary concern is to address issues of inequality and disadvantage, particularly in relation to young people, through the arts, learning and education. The Foundation has a particular interest in projects based in India.

Pegasus Foundation

The Pegasus Foundation improves animal welfare through effective grant making and education in the United States, the Caribbean, Native American lands and Kenya. The Foundation focuses its support of companion animal programs on spay–neuter services and humane education in several regions, including Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Southeast Florida; Native American lands in the southwestern United States; and the islands of the Caribbean.

Pentair Foundation - Multiple States & International

The Pentair Foundation helps enrich and advance the communities in which Pentair operates so that these communities benefit from Pentair’s presence. Through local councils, the Foundation funds programs that promote education, water conservation, vocational readiness, self–sufficiency and general well–being. Geographical focus: Hanover Park, Illinois; Dover, New Hampshire, Brookfield, Wisconsin; Winamac, Indiana; Sheboygan, Wisconsin; Milw…

PenWel Fund

The PenWel Fund will focus on the people and places with the most critical needs, and will provide support to organizations that can best use our funds to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Most grants, approximately 80–90%, will target helping persons in need in the poorest countries. Other grants will target helping LGBT persons. It is our intent to exclusively grant overseas.

PepsiCo Foundation - National & International Focus

As PepsiCo’s philanthropic anchor, PepsiCo Foundation is responsible for providing charitable contributions to eligible non–profit organizations. The Foundation is committed to developing sustainable partnerships and programs in underserved regions that provide opportunities for improved health, environment, and inclusion. To be eligible for PepsiCo Foundation funding, an organization’s primary focus must be in the areas of: Health, Environ…

Pilgrim Foundation - National & International Focus

The Pilgrim Foundation is a family foundation which works to meet the spiritual, material, physical, and educational needs of the most vulnerable members of society. This work is done through orphan advocacy, education, and provision of basic physical needs. Our grants aim to strengthen the ability of non–profits, locally and internationally, to meet these needs so that the love of Jesus Christ may be seen and felt in our community and beyond.

Ping and Amy Chao Family Foundation - Children & Environment - National & I...

In 2006, Ping and his wife Amy founded the private, non–profit organization, the “Ping and Amy Chao Family Foundation”. The foundation aims to fund and nurture initiatives for improving the health and well–being of children in economically disadvantaged regions throughout the world; promoting the spirit of philanthropy and developing awareness of non–profit practices and opportunities for service for the younger generation of China an…

Pollock - Krasner Foundation, Inc.

The Pollock–Krasner Foundation™s mission is to aid, internationally, those individuals who have worked as artists over a significant period of time. The Foundation™s dual criteria for grants are recognizable artistic merit and financial need, whether professional, personal or both.

Procter & Gamble - National & International Focus

Procter & Gamble focuses its social investments on our global cause, Live, Learn and Thrive. Our cause comes to life through initiatives in communities around the world, reaching children in need, prenatal to 13 years of age. We want to help children live by ensuring a healthy start; provide them with places, tools and programs that enhance their ability to learn; and help them develop skills for life so they can thrive. Areas of funding interest inclu…

Prudential Foundation - Multiple States & International

Each year, The Prudential Foundation invests over $25 million in grants in efforts that support the revitalization of communities and support Prudential employees’ community engagement efforts. STRATEGY – In order to promote sustainable communities and improve social outcomes for community residents, The Prudential Foundation focuses its strategy in the following areas: Education, Economic Development, Arts & Civic Infrastructure, Community….

Quail Roost Foundation - New Mexico, National & International focus

The Quail Roost Foundation makes national and international grants in the interest of: All Creatures, Education, Emergency & Contingency Relief, Health, Home Community, Justice, and Sustainability. While we do not accept unsolicited grant applications, we do welcome introductions and information on organizations with goals similar to our own.

Riecken Foundation

The Riecken Foundation provides poor communities with a priceless commodity: information. The Foundation lays the framework for community–run lending libraries with open stacks of books and free Internet access. The success of the library network hinges on the active involvement of local committees and volunteers. Geographical focus: Honduras & Guatemala.

Rockdale Foundation

The Rockdale Foundation’s ultimate goal is to expand innovative, scalable, and sustainable delivery of financial services to microentrepreneurs across the Arab region.

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s grantmaking is organized around three themes: Democratic Practice, Sustainable Development, and Peace and Security, and three pivotal places: New York City, Southern China, and Western Balkans. On October 12, 2006, the RBF trustees approved a new cross–programmatic grantmaking initiative on energy.

Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins makes charitable contributions to a variety of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and around the world. Our giving priorities include education and arts and culture with an emphasis in youth development. We believe by strengthening the quality of education and providing opportunities for youth involvement and leadership, we are helping students prepare for the future. See our blog for more details.

Rohm & Haas

Rohm and Haas maintains a decentralized contributions program, through which specific donations and initiatives are determined by regional needs and cultures. In keeping with the company™s overall giving missions and values, Rohm and Haas contributions around the world demonstrate the company’s commitment to education, preservation and improvement of the environment and social and economic sustainability.

Rohm and Haas - National & International Focus

Rohm and Haas maintains a decentralized contributions program, through which specific donations and initiatives are determined by regional needs and cultures. In keeping with the company™s overall giving missions and values, Rohm and Haas contributions around the world demonstrate the company’s commitment to education, preservation and improvement of the environment and social and economic sustainability. The North American Region™s gi…

Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation - Israel

The mission of The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation is to invest in programs that promote education, tolerance, social services, healthcare and the arts. The Foundation builds on the ideals and pursuits of its founders, Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert. Geographic focus – Los Angeles County and Israel.

Royal Bank of Canada - Canada, US, International

The Royal Bank of Canada tradition of philanthropy dates back to our roots, with donations on record as far back as 1891. We are now one of Canada’s largest corporate donors. The RBC Community Blueprint aims to promote prosperity by contributing to the communities in which we live and work. Across North America and around the world, we support a broad range of community initiatives, through donations and community sponsorships, and employee volunteer…

Russell Family Foundation

We make charitable grants in three geographical areas and in three thematic interests. We fund locally, regionally and globally. Locally, we support grassroots leadership and a selected number of nonprofit organizations in Tacoma and Pierce County. Regionally, we make grants in Western Washington related to Environmental Sustainability. Globally, we fund a select group of nonprofits working on issues of peace and security.

Sandy River Charitable Foundation - Maine, National & International Focus

The Sandy River Charitable Foundation endeavors to engender the physical and social well being and encourage the human spirit of our neighbors throughout the world. International: community and regional projects that address the causes of predicament and set forth a process leading to a sustainable self sufficient condition. Within Maine: social, economic, arts, cultural, education, and community recreation programs. National (US): Regional projects fallin…

Saxena Family Foundation - Women - National & Global Focus

The Saxena Family Foundation is a privately funded, 501(c) (3) registered non–profit charitable foundation headquartered in Austin, Texas. The Foundation awards grants and supports programs that have a particular focus on empowering women. The Foundation anticipates most grants will be in the $5,000–$50,000 range. Initial grants are not necessarily typical of future grants. The Foundation’s

Schering-Plough Corporation

Schering–Plough provides funding for innovative health care initiatives, education partnerships and projects, and community outreach programs that enhance the quality of life in the communities that the company serves locally and globally.

Sidgmore Family Foundation - National & International Focus

The Sidgmore Family Foundation honors the legacy of John W. Sidgmore by taking a proactive approach to helping others succeed. It is our desire to use our resources for creative and innovative solutions to ensure the health, education, and general well–being of children, youth, and young adults so that they may achieve their full potential and become responsible, productive members of society. Geographic focus: In recognition of our place as citizens…

Sooch Foundation - India

The Sooch Foundation seeks to make a positive and permanent change in the lives of economically disadvantaged people in Austin and India. In Austin, Sooch Foundation will support educational activities and social services that facilitate educational activities. In India, Sooch Foundation will support programs that lift people out of poverty.

Starbucks Foundation

The Starbucks Foundation supports communities where Starbucks does business. The Foundation™s initial focus was on funding literacy programs in the U.S. and Canada. It has since grown to include supporting education and youth leadership in communities where Starbucks has stores, and social investments in countries where Starbucks buys coffee, tea and cocoa. To date, the Foundation has provided more than $22 million in grants to benefit communities…

Starr Foundation

The Starr Foundation makes grants in a number of areas, including education, medicine and healthcare (New York City and overseas), human needs (New York City), public policy, culture and the environment. The Foundation makes grants on a national and international basis and solicits specific organizations to submit proposals for funding.

Stiefel Family Foundation - Renewable Energy - International Focus

The mission of the Stiefel Family Foundation is to attack the oil problem from both sides. We aim to support alternatives to oil by investing in renewable energy startups; especially, but not exclusively, in the area of transportation. In our grant–making efforts, we support employment projects in the greater Middle East with the hope of helping to provide a smoother transition to a post–oil economy.

Sundance Family Foundation - Minnesota

The Sundance Family Foundation will make grants to projects in 501(c)(3) organizations that support Family Stability in one of the three areas: Local focus – Supportive Housing, human Services. International programs: Programs directed toward empowering families in one or preferably more of the following areas: Economic stability “ including microcredit programs, Mental Health Wellness and Addiction, Housing, Education, Family and Community H…

Thrasher Research Fund

The Thrasher Research Fund remains open to a variety of pediatric medical research topics. Research projects with the potential to impact a large number of children as well as research projects that address severe problems affecting relatively few children will be considered. The Fund seeks to maintain a portfolio of grants with a balance of both domestic and international research. Amounts awarded and time periods vary depending on the specific needs of e…

Tinker Foundation - International

The Tinker Foundation institutional grants are awarded to organizations and institutions that promote the interchange and exchange of information within the community of those concerned with the affairs of Spain, Portugal, Ibero–America and Antarctica. (For the Foundation’s purposes, Ibero–America is defined as the Spanish– and Portuguese–speaking countries of the Western Hemisphere.) Programmatically, the Foundation funds proj…

V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation

The Foundation has emphasized environmental grantmaking since it was founded in 1991. We have also undertaken a grantmaking program in Greenwood, South Carolina , and supported medical research, especially in the field of eye research. The Foundation has three principal areas of interest: The Environment – Since its creation, the Foundation has allocated approximately 80% of its funds to strengthen environmental research and education, and to further…

Violet Jabara Trust - International - Middle East

The Trust makes grants to organizations which work in developing countries in the Middle East”Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestine (Occupied Territories), Yemen, Egypt and North Africa. Countries further afield (such as the Gulf countries, Sudan, or Afghanistan) may be considered, but will not be given priority. Given the precarious political state of many of these countries, and U.S. Government guidelines in regard to global grantmaking,…

Virtual Foundation

The Virtual Foundation is a unique online philanthropy program which supports grassroots initiatives around the world. Carefully screened community improvement projects in the fields of environment, health, poverty alleviation and sustainable economic activity are posted on our web site.

Vodafone Families of Foundations

Globally, our Foundations make social investments by funding projects which support disaster relief and preparedness or fund sport and music projects which benefit some of the most disadvantaged young people and their communities. Locally, our social investment is delivered by a unique footprint of 24 Vodafone Foundations and social investment programmes. Our Foundations make social investments that help the people of the world to lead fuller lives by: Sha…

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Grants are made in the four areas of: Health, Food Systems and Rural Development, Youth and Education, and Philanthropy and Volunteerism. All programming in these four interest areas is tailored to meet the needs of each geographic region. United States: Health, Food Systems and Rural Development, Youth and Education, Philanthropy and Volunteerism, Greater Battle Creek. International funding: Southern Africa – Strengthen Leadership Capacity, Strength…

Wallace Global Fund

The Fund supports initiatives related to environmental resource depletion and system collapse, corporate abuses and the concentration of corporate power, planetary carrying capacity, sustainable human population, women™s human rights, with an emphasis on ending female genital mutilation, civic engagement, civil liberties, equal justice, independent media, and media policy.

Weeden Foundation

The Foundation will consider funding in any geographical location, but trustees have chosen a few places in Latin America, Central Siberia, and Western North America as high priority. Organizations supported to date range from those that protect ecosystems and wildlife to those that raise the status of women and increase awareness about family planning.

Western Union Foundation

The Western Union Foundation furthers our global values by contributing to the improvement of health, human services and education for those most in need. In just over five years, the Foundation has helped generate tens of millions of dollars for international non–profit organizations like the Red Cross and America™s Second Harvest”providing disaster relief, education and human service programs.

Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation - National & International Focus

The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation supports programs of national and international significance that promote the welfare of human and natural resources. These efforts will enhance the creativity, strengths and skills already possessed by those in need and reinforce the sustaining processes inherent in nature. The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation’s General Program funds projects in the following areas: Arts, Education, Environment, Conservation and Prese…

Whirlpool Foundation

The Whirlpool Foundation makes grants to IRS–certified nonprofit organizations in communities where Whirlpool Corporation operates. The Foundation touches lives around the world through its collaboration with countless organizations. Through its strategic grants, Whirlpool Foundation has focused on identifying outstanding programs that are centered on quality family life, cultural diversity and lifelong learning.

Whitley Fund for Nature - Global Focus

The Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) is a low–cost, high–impact UK registered charity offering a wide range of Awards and Grants to outstanding nature conservationists around the world.

Whole Planet Foundation

The Whole Planet Foundation, a private, nonprofit organization established by Whole Foods Market, provides grants to microfinance institutions in Latin America, Africa and Asia who in turn develop and offer microenterprise loan programs, training and other financial services to the self–employed poor.

WildiZe Foundation

WildiZe Foundation is an organization dedicated to education, awareness, and sustainable development regarding conservation of African wildlife, habitat and cultures.

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation makes grants to address the most serious social and environmental problems facing society, where risk capital, responsibly invested, may make a difference over time. The Foundation places a high value on sustaining and improving institutions that make positive contributions to society. Areas of funding interest include Education, the Environment, Global Development, Performing Arts, Population, Health.