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Last Updated: February 25, 2021
Date Published: February 22, 2021

Art Fundraising

Fundraising through Art – Raise money by selling artwork.

Aspire Fund Raising

The nation’s leading fundraising company. Our customized fundraising catalogs and ideas are great for sports teams, schools and any other non–profit organization. We have the largest selection of fundraising ideas on the web.

Better Fundraising Ideas

A free and friendly, easy to use website packed full of great fundraising ideas. Includes lots of novel fundraisers and good twists on old favourites

Better Fundraising Ideas - Ultimate Fundraising

Easy, Fun fundraising ideas and products for schools, clubs, non–profits and teams. Catering to Canadian organizations.

Candles Fundraising

A popular fundraising activity since everyone loves candles. Your supporters won’t know whether to offer them as gifts or keep them for themselves¡

Candy Fundraising

Fundraising products include Chocolate, Candy, Cookie Dough, Bracelets, Lollipops and many other products. A great opportunity to generate funds for your organization

Christian T-Shirt Fundraiser

Christian T–Shirt Fundraiser. The easiest most profitable fundraising program around. You risk nothing by participating, Zero Start Up costs Great for Large or Small groups.

Church Fundraisers

For Your Church Fundraising Visit Us¡ Christian T–Shirt Fundraisers and Gifts for the Whole Family. Church FundRaisers, Group Rates, Hats and Gifts, and Much Much More.

Citizen Base Initiative

The Citizen Base Initiative by Ashoka stimulates the citizen sector to cultivate a broad base of resources, i.e. money, people, goods, services, information, and partnerships, in order to increase the sector’s efficiency and social impact on a global scale. Citizen sector organizations can free themselves from the chronic dependence on unpredictable and unsustainable foundation and government funding by developing a broad base of citizen support,…

Clair's Creations Fundraising Ideas

Clair’s Creations fundraising specializes in our own gourmet food fundraisers, cookie dough fundraisers, and seasonal catalog fundraisers.

Cobblestone Auto Spa Fundraising

Car Wash Ticket Sales Fundraiser – No upfront costs. Groups earn fifty percent of all money raised.

Cookbook Fundraising

Raise money for your church, school, or organization with a custom cookbook.

Cookie Dough Fundraising

Great for schools, sports teams, churches, youth groups, scouts, civic organizations and others.

Discount Cards - Books Fundraisers

Proven fundraising idea selling custom tailored coupon books full of fundraising discount two–for–one coupons and promotions from your local community and national chains as well as privately owned businesses.

Double The Donation - Matching Gifts & Volunteer Grants

Our mission is simple. Help your organization increase fundraising from corporate matching gift and volunteer grant programs. Learn more by taking a tour at

Droopy Tees School Church And Non profit Fundraising Program

Droopy Tees offers a unique program with over 200 items for you to personalize with your photos artwork logos slogans. These items have a great resale value and make great gifts, awards or advertising products. Our Fund Raising Program is a FREE NO COST OR OBLIGATION Program. Stop by and check us out.

Dutch Gardens Fundraising with Flowerbulbs

With this fundraising program, schools and community groups can opt for a “healthy” program selling bulbs that will bloom into stunning floral displays. Dutch Gardens flower bulbs for fundraising are priced to sell. Yet your organization still makes a profit of 50% on every sale and you get to keep your profit immediately. Dutch Gardens, a direct–to–consumer purveyor of top–quality bulbs since 1908, has carefully selected easy–to&nd…

Emerson & Church, Publishers

Emerson & Church, Publishers offers fundraising, management and board development books for nonprofit staff and volunteers. The site includes excerpts from each book and articles from Contributions Magazine, the how–to source for nonprofit professionals.

Fast Fundraising Australia

Fundraising ideas and resources for successful fundraising.

Free classroom equipment and supplies at no cost to teachers or schools

Since 2003, this free website gives teachers and schools the ability to request anything they need. Americas donors find teachers they can help with new or used classroom equipment, materials and supplies. There is no charge to the teacher or school and contributions to administrative costs are voluntary.

Fund My Team

Fund My Team allows teams the ability to post their team fundraising ideas online and share with others to help raise money for their team.


FundingFactory provides schools, non–profit groups and charities with funding via recycling. Participating organizations earn funds by collecting empty printer cartridges and used cell phones from their communities and supporters. All program materials and services, including boxes and shipping, are free for participants.

Fundraising for Schools and Churches in Canada

Canadian fundraising made easy with the FundScrip gift card program. Support your school, church, or team with simple gift card fundraising in Canada.

Fundraising & Grantwriting Consultants

Qualified fundraising professionals to assist with your fundraising campaign.

Fundraising Development and Marketing Services

Whittington and Associates LLC works with many small to midsize nonprofit agencies in Georgia and Florida to support capacity building. Services include strategic planning, fund development, marketing and social and traditional media.

Fundraising Directory

Over 190 fundraising programs and fundraisers to save you time and effort when searching the Internet.

Fundraising Ideas

We are the leading online resource for locating tried and proven fundraising ideas by either product type or group type.

Fundraising Ideas - Fast Fundraising Australia

Are you looking for a fun, easy–to–organise fundraising idea that can raise your group hundreds or thousands of dollars with up to 90% profit going straight back to the fundraisers?

Fundraising Programs

Fundraising with Discount Cards is an Easy Fundraiser to Meet all of your Fundraising Needs.s you possibly need to know.

Fundraising Programs, Ideas, Tips & Resources

National Polls have shown the success of a fundraiser is in direct proportion to the quality of the product being sold to raise those needed funds. With this in mind, Fundsnet Services provides you with our fundraising resources to assist you raise funds for your organization.

Fundraising Sites

Find fundraising information on fundraising resources, programs and much more.

Fundraising Software

Which fundraising software program is the best? We offer several for you to review

Fundraising Stores

The purpose of Fund raising Stores is to generate additional income or donations, beyond what an organization is already achieving, by providing an online store where supporters can shop for their everyday purchases. You get a commission on every sale. Buying at your store, supporters give without spending money they were not already spending.

Fundraising Tips & Ideas

Great fundraising tips & ideas to help you with your fundraising campaign.

Fundraising with Private Label Tea

Private label tea makes the perfect fundraiser. Your organization on the label, high desirability, broad demographic appeal, and a 50%+ profit margin¡

A collection of articles describing various fundraising ideas for small groups such as churches, civic clubs, and school groups.

FundsBot - Fundraising Blog

FundsBot is an idea blog for today\’s fund seekers. Author Kenya Lucas Matos is obsessed with finding creative ways to solve problems. For 15 years she has worked in research, planning and development. Today she is Founder and CEO of Strategic Funds Development, a national firm that produces top dollars and sustainable results.

Go Get Funding - Raise Money Online

Go Get Funding lets you raise money online for personal projects, causes and events. We provide you with all the features that you need to run a successful and social fundraiser.


Grants’s purpose is to help spread the word about grants programs initiatives and fundraising opportunities from foundations, 501c3 non–profits organizations and private sector sources by posting those initiatives on our site. If your organization, foundation or fundraising company has grants opportunities and you are looking to spread the word about it we invite you to contact us about it so we may be able to post your grant ini…

High Profit Candle Fundraisers

Two candle fundraiser programs are available. One has potential to raise more than 50% profit, the other makes sales easier to attain. Both programs are designed to offer high profit margins and help you meet your goals.

JM Professional Fundraising

JM Professional Fundraising provides ‘hands–on’ professional fundraising, marketing services, consultancy and training. Since launching in 2002 we have successfully raised over £4 million for charities in the South East of England and Wales. Our service portfolio includes fundraising from Trusts, Foundations, Companies, Individuals, National Lottery and many more.

KnowHow NonProfit

KnowHow NonProfit is a fundraising resource for building and sharing expertise in non profit and charity organisations, faith and community groups and campaigning organisations

Magazine Fundraising

Great for schools, sports teams, churches, youth groups, scouts, civic organizations and others. Great fundraising programs available.

Merchandise Fundraisers

Fundraising products and ideas to help raise money for your school, church group, sports team, or other non–profit organization.


MicroGiving is an online fundraising website that lets you create your own fundraiser. Raise money online easily with a personal fundraising page. Browse fundraisers, read our fundraising ideas, tips and advice to learn how to raise money online. MicroGiving is for anyone..

Midland Fund Raising

Midland Fund Raising offers high profit fundraising ideas for any organization. We provide personalized services and custom catalogs for all seasons.

Mission City Community Fund

Founded in 1986, the Mission City Community Fund MCCF has a single purpose Supporting Silicon Valley non profit organizations serving residents of our greater community in five areas Theater and the Arts Social Services Education Health Care The Environment


We are dedicated to raising money to help needy families who have suffered due to job loss as well as the elderly. We use multiple methods to raise money and need everyone to help. Every little bit you can give helps those in need in so many ways.

Neuwaste Business Recycling

Neuwaste Business Recycling focuses on the hazardous electronic waste that is generated from advancing technologies such as computers, telephones, televisions, light bulbs, etc. Currently, we work not only with schools and businesses, but also churches, rotary clubs and nonprofit organizations to hold these free electronic waste recycling events. Our goal, specifically as a California state funded program under Senate Bill 50, is to make sure that these ma…

Nonprofit & Charity Solutions

CharityNet USA is a Nonprofit Solutions Center helping startup nonprofits & charities with incorporation, 501c3, grants fundraising & much more.


Along with government and industry, private philanthropy helps shape modern society. Not much information is readily available online for those looking to improve their skill at this vital and necessary profession. OnFundraising was created to share advice on creating successful telefundraising campaigns.

Outreach Fund - Fundraising

Outreach Fund can help any variety of local, regional or national fundraising campaigns. Schools, churches, volunteer groups, clubs etc. Outreach Fund makes it easy to raise funds selling our popular selling products. Outreach Fund has a variety of sales programs that are easy for any person or group to operate.

Pawl Candles Fundraiser

Popular candle company that personalizes your candles school, organization or company free logo on the label at no cost to you. They are committed to total satisfaction and are eager to make your fundraising campaign a total success. Get more information…

Perfume Fundraising

Perfume Fundraising – Fragrances for both men and women – $10 – 1000 popular scents guaranteed to smell exactly as you would expect 100 pure un–cut oil. Rewards for order takers. We ship directly to your customers

Precious Treasures Photography and Fundraising

We offer 100% profit no–investment family portrait and children’s antique portrait fundraisers. Besides a 100% profit guarantee, earn more money from two bonuses and referral fees.

PTA Fundraising - Lollipop, Cookie Dough, Candy & School Sports Fundraising...

Goldrush Fundraising provides you with fundraising ideas to select the best product for Youth Sports and School Fundraising from our wide variety of items which includes Lollipop, Cookie Dough, Candy, Pizza fundraising to assure success

Raising money with your PTA Website

MyVLink offers PTAs and other school Volunteer organizations a comprehensive website and software package to help them communicate more effectively, manage their volunteer program, and increase their revenue. Revenue increases through the sale of online Ads where the Org sets the price and allows credit card sales for the Orgs current on–sale items.


The Acadiana Educational Endowment & The American Public School Endowments are 501(c)3 organizations that have distributed over $570,000 to schools in the US.

Rhonda Edwards Tupperware

Tupperware Fundraising 40% Profit No packing out Easy to sell Well known Brand I do all the order processing Book your Fundraiser today¡ Please allow time for ordering catalogs¡ I’m Located in Claremont,NH 03743. You may call me at 603–542–0417 I sell to everyone in the USA Keeping your food fresh for a lifetime¡ Rhonda Edwards

School fundraiser Easy School Fundraising JavaWays Premium Coffee

JavaWays is the perfect fundraiser for schools, bands, cheer squads, sport teams, churches and non–profit groups. Coffee drinkers can support your school or group just by enjoying a delicious cup of our Premium Coffee at a reasonable price

School Fundraisers

School Fundraisers is a central fundraising source for all types of school fundraising ideas. No matter what your school’s goals and objectives are, we have a school fundraising program that will work for you. We work with pre–schools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.

School Fundraising Co. Offering Unique Incentives and Quality Products for...

Find school fundraising ideas with Big Event Fundraising and earn money for your group. We offer quality school fundraising products such as gift items, cookie dough, chocolate, frozen food, customized mugs and more for your school fundraising program. We have unique incentive programs to boost sales and motivate sellers such as our Super Party.

School Fundraising Ideas

Discover unique, art based fundraising ideas for schools, associations, churches and other organizations.

School Fundraising Programs

Great fundraising programs for schools, PTA, Boys and Girl Scouts, and nonprofit organizations.

School Fundraising easy fundraising for schools

School Fundraising is a free method for schools, parents, PTAs/PTOs and other school fundraisers to raise funds for future projects by shopping online. When purchases are made via the site, cash back funds are raised for the school. School Fundraising also includes a range of other school fundraising ideas and tips. Everythings Free

Zero up front– No cost fundraiser. Everything is free. Our 100 page huge coupon book offers dozens of restaurants, buy–one–get–one–free and more. Every book has atleast $700 in savings. You choose the sale price. No stock, no pick–up dates, books are mailed directly to contributors. Now you can raise $20k ridiculously fast¡ 800–684–4020 Forget about little cards get 100 pages of big savings.

Scratch Card Fundraisers

Very popular way of raising funds for organizations and earning up to 100% profit.

Southern Soy Lites Candles

100% Natural Soy Wax Candles, offering fine gourmet candles from the south. Our soy candles, burn slower, longer and cleaner (no black soot). We do fundraisers of all sizes. We offer different sizes to choose from and over 50 premium fragrances. Our candles are the “gourmet of soy candles”. Visit our website for more information.

Start A Charity - 501c3 Non Profit

Quikform Services is a document preparation service. It specializes in the formation of non profit organizations and preparation of the 501c3 application for charitable entities. Quikform Services prides itself in providing personalized service to its customers for a reasonable and affordable fee.

The Power Fund school fundraisers

A great fundraiser that also helps people save money on electric bills. it has been around since 2002.

Timothy Kendrick International

I’d like to introduce you to a program that was designed specifically to help Charitable Groups like yours continue, and even expand their fine works.

TK Fundraising

Offering the greatest selection of fundraising products available today. With profits up to 80%. Choose from cookie dough, candles, gift wrap, candy, lollipops, roses, elf shops, jewelry, safety kits, ane more.

YouCaring - Easy Online Fundraising

YouCaring is a free fundraising website for those who need to raise funds for medical expenses, tuition assistance, adoption fundraising, funding for mission trips and other causes. It provides a simple, organized way to implement fundraiser ideas and help achieve fundraising goals online with social networks.