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Date Published: February 23, 2021

Alabama State Council on the Arts

The Alabama State Council on the Arts was created by Executive Order No. 29, on April 8,1966 by Governor George C. Wallace, stating that “The practice and enjoyment of the arts are of increasing importance to the personal welfare of the people as a vital aspect of our cultural heritage and as valued means of expanding the scope of our educational programs.”

Alaska State Council on the Arts

The Alaska State Council on the Arts is a state agency that fosters the development of the arts for all Alaskans through education, partnerships, grants and services.

Arizona Commission on the Arts

The Arts Commission provides Project Grants, General Operating Support Grants, Arts Learning Project Grants and the Arts Link to Tourism and the Economy (ALTE) Grants to organizations and schools. Grants support arts activities in urban centers and rural communities, preserve the rich traditions of Arizona’s ethnic communities, support arts education and connect the arts to other areas of learning, encourage participation in the arts by people with di…

Arkansas Arts Council

Established in 1971 to develop and implement a coordinated and comprehensive statewide program for the support of the arts in Arkansas, the Arkansas Arts Council provides services and grants–in–aid supporting arts endeavors that encourage and assist artists in achieving standards of professional excellence. In addition, the Arts Council assists other relevant arts projects to include surveys, research and planning for the arts.

Arts Alive - South Dakota

The Arts Alive Network provides information for arts organizations and administrators, arts educators and students, legislators and policy makers, artists and performers, anyone interested in the arts and culture of and by South Dakotans.

California Arts Council

The California Arts Council, a state agency, has the mission to advance California through the arts and creativity with an emphasis on children and artistically underserved communities.

Colorado Council on the Arts

The Colorado Council on the Arts, a state agency, combines state funds with federal funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, and invests in communities across the state to ensure that the cultural, educational and economic benefits of the arts are enjoyed by thousands of Colorado youth and millions of Colorado citizens and visitors every day.

Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism

The Commission strives to develop and enhance opportunities for collaboration, coordination and growth in the arts, historic preservation, tourism and film. The Commission operates as a grant making agency for state and federal funds and serves to market and promote the state to in–state and out of state residents.

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

The Mission of the DCCAH is to provide grants, programs and education activities that encourage diverse artistic expressions and learning opportunities so that all District of Columbia residents and visitors can experience the rich culture of our city.

Delaware Division of the Arts

The Delaware Division of the Arts (DDOA), a branch of the Delaware Department of State, is dedicated to nurturing and supporting the arts to enhance the quality of life for all Delawareans. Together with its advisory body, the Delaware State Arts Council (DSAC), the Division administers grants and programs that support arts programming, educate the public, increase awareness of the arts, and integrate the arts into all facets of Delaware life.

Edmonton Arts Council - Canada

The Edmonton Arts Council supports artists and arts and festival organizations in Edmonton with a variety of grant programs.

Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

The Division of Cultural Affairs respects its role as a primary influence on the “state of the arts” in Florida. Its mission recognizes several responsibilities: to foster development and growth of arts activities, provide arts resources and services, award excellence, and promote arts–related public/private partnerships.

Georgia Council for the Arts

Georgia Council for the Arts is a state agency dedicated to funding and supporting the arts in Georgia. We provide grants and services for non–profit arts and cultural organizations throughout the state in an effort to make quality arts programming available to all Georgians. The council offers grants and services in the following focus areas: General Operating Support, Project Support, Touring Arts, Arts Education.


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Greater Columbus Arts Council - Ohio

The Greater Columbus Arts Council supports art and advances the culture of the region. A catalyst for excellence and innovation, we fund exemplary artists and arts organizations and provide programs, events and services of public value that educate and engage all audiences in our community.

Hawaii State Foundation Cultural and the Arts

To promote, perpetuate, preserve and encourage culture and the arts, history and the humanities as central to the quality of life of the people of Hawai’i. HSFCA funding is provided by the State of Hawai’i and the National Endowment for the Arts. The HSFCA is administratively attached to the Department of Accounting and General Services.

Idaho Commission on the Arts

The Idaho Commission on the Arts endeavors to provide quality experiences in the arts for all Idahoans. Established in 1966, it is charged by state law to “stimulate and encourage throughout the state the study and presentation of the arts and public interest and participation therein…” The Commission must also “encourage and assist freedom of artistic expression essential to the well–being of the arts.”

Illinois Arts Council

The Illinois Arts Council (IAC) assists artists, arts organizations, and other community organizations that present arts programming by providing financial and technical assistance. The Governor and General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts provide funds annually to the Illinois Arts Council.

Indiana Arts Commission

The Arts Commission advocates arts development opportunities across the state, and stewards effective use of public and private resources for the arts. It stimulates public interest in, and participation with, Indiana’s diverse arts resources and cultural heritage. The Arts Commission works to enhance public

Iowa Arts Council

The Iowa Arts Council aims to enrich the quality of life and learning in Iowa communities by encouraging excellence in the arts. Funding for the Iowa Arts Council and its programs is provided by the State of Iowa and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

Kansas Arts Commission

The mission of the Kansas Arts Commission is to provide opportunities for the people of Kansas to experience, celebrate and value the arts throughout their lives.

Kentucky Arts Council

The Kentucky Arts Council creates opportunities for Kentuckians to value, benefit from and participate in the arts. The agency facilitates the delivery of the arts throughout the commonwealth through matching grants, arts marketing programs, awards, events and services. Major areas of emphasis are: operational support for arts organizations, individual artist recognition and professional development, arts in education, community arts support and marketing…

Louisiana Division of the Arts

The Louisiana Division of the Arts in cooperation with the Louisiana State Arts Council is the catalyst for participation, education, development and promotion of excellence in the arts. It is the responsibility of the Division to support established arts institutions, nurture both emerging arts organizations and our overall cultural economy, assist individual artists, encourage the expansion of audiences and stimulate public participation in the arts in L…

Maine Arts Commission

The Maine Arts Commission shall encourage and stimulate public interest and participation in the cultural heritage and cultural programs of our state; shall expand the state’s cultural resources; and shall encourage and assist freedom of artistic expression for the well being of the arts, to meet the needs and aspirations of persons in all parts of the state.

Maryland State Arts Council

The MSAC awards grants to not–for–profit, tax–exempt organizations for ongoing arts programming and arts projects. The MSAC awards grants to individual artists, and provides technical and advisory assistance to individuals and groups. The Council also carries out programs of its own to enhance the cultural life of the residents of Maryland.

Massachusetts Cultural Council

The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) is a state agency that promotes excellence, access, education and diversity in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences to improve the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents and contribute to the economic vitality of our communities.

Metropolitan Regional Arts Council - Minnesota

The Metropolitan Regional Arts Council serves audiences in Minnesota’s seven–county metropolitan region through grants, services, and technical assistance to the arts communities of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington counties.

Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

The Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs serves to encourage, develop and facilitate an enriched environment of artistic, creative, cultural activity in Michigan.

Minnesota State Arts Board

The Minnesota State Arts Board is a state agency that stimulates and encourages the creation, performance, and appreciation of the arts in the state.

Mississippi Arts Commission

In 1968, the Mississippi Legislature created the Mississippi Arts Commission as the official grantsmaking and service agency for the arts. Since then the Commission has broadened its role as an active supporter and promoter of the arts in community life and arts education.

Missouri Arts Council

Missouri Arts Council, a state agency and division of the Department of Economic Development, provides grants to nonprofit organizations to encourage and stimulate the growth, development, and appreciation of the arts in Missouri. For over 40 years, MAC has provided vital support and leadership to bring the arts to all the people of the state.

Montana Arts Council

The Montana Arts Council is the agency of state government established to develop the creative potential of all Montanans, advance education, spur economic vibrancy and revitalize communities through involvement in the arts.

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) is the membership organization that unites, represents and serves the nation’s state and jurisdictional arts agencies. Each of the 56 states and jurisdictions has created an agency to support excellence in and access to the arts.

National Endowment for the Humanities

NEH is an independent grant–making agency of the United States government dedicated to supporting research, education, preservation, and public programs in the humanities.

Nebraska Arts Council

The NAC’s primary means of supporting the arts is through a variety of grant programs that cover all disciplines and fields of creative expression. NAC funds are used to support artists, arts organizations, schools and community groups to carry out a variety of arts experiences statewide.

Nevada Arts Council

NAC is divided into five program areas: Artist Services, Arts in Education, Community Arts Development, Folklife and Grants. Through these program areas, NAC provides grant funding; offers professional assistance to artists, cultural organizations and schools; and coordinates statewide arts programming and activities for Nevada’s cultural workforce.

New Hampshire State Council on the Arts

The New Hampshire State Council on the Arts is the advisory Council for the Division of the Arts within the Department of Cultural Resources. It was established in 1965 as the official state arts agency with legislation (RSA 19–A) designed “to insure that the role of the arts in the life of our communities will continue to grow and play an ever more significant part in the welfare and educational experience of our citizens.”

New Jersey State Council on the Arts

Created as an agency of state government, the NJSCA operates as a division within the Department of State. Its purpose is to encourage and give financial support to artists, arts organizations and projects throughout New Jersey. We are proud that our support is bringing the benefits of the arts to audiences exceeding 18 million annually.

New Mexico Arts

New Mexico Arts mission is to Preserve, Enhance, and Develop the Arts in New Mexico through Partnerships, Public Awareness, and Education, and to Enrich the Quality of Life for Present and Future Generations.

New York State Council on the Arts

The New York State Council on the Arts is dedicated to preserving and expanding the rich and diverse cultural resources that are and will become the heritage of New York’s citizens.

North Carolina Arts Council

The mission of the Arts Council is to make North Carolina a better state through the arts. The Arts Council provides technical assistance, information resources, and over 1,000 grants each year to nonprofit organizations and artists. It has a 24–member board appointed by the Governor, a 26–member staff, and serves as the steward of state and federal funds appropriated for the arts.

North Dakota Council on the Arts

The North Dakota Council on the Arts was established in 1967 by the State Legislature. It is the state agency responsible for the support and development of the arts and artists throughout North Dakota.

Ohio Arts Council

The Ohio Arts Council was created in 1965 to “foster and encourage the development of the arts and assist the preservation of Ohio’s cultural heritage.” This is accomplished by the Council in two primary methods; first, through the various grant funding programs that the Council operates to provide support to artists and to make arts activities available to a broad segment of Ohio’s public; and secondly, by providing services that help to enhance…

Oklahoma Arts Council

For more than 40 years, the Oklahoma Arts Council has sustained Oklahoma’s vibrant non–profit arts industry. Since 1965, the Council has played a pivotal role in fostering the arts across the state.

Oregon Arts Commission

The Oregon Arts Commission was established in 1967 to foster the arts in Oregon and ensure their excellence. Nine commissioners, appointed by the governor, determine policies, establish Long–Range Plans, and review applications to grants programs to determine funding levels.

Oregon Cultural Trust

The Oregon Cultural Trust is a statewide cultural plan to raise significant new funds to invest in Oregon’s arts, humanities and heritage. Funds will be distributed to local communities to support their cultural priorities, through competitive grants for projects of regional and statewide significance, and through gran

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

The mission of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) is to foster the excellence, diversity and vitality of the arts in Pennsylvania and to broaden the availability and appreciation of those arts throughout the state.

Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture

The Office of Arts and Culture manages the city’s public art program, administers a grants program, supports arts education, conducts research, provides information and assistance to artists and cultural organizations, and oversees the city’s cultural planning efforts. The Office of Arts and Culture works with other city departments that manage cultural facilities and programs. Collectively, these efforts result in a broad range of artistic and c…

Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

Established in 1967, the RI State Council on the Arts (RISCA) is charged by the state legislature to stimulate public interest and participation in the arts and to serve as the liaison to the state arts community.

South Carolina Arts Commission

For more than 40 years, the agency has worked to make it possible for every citizen in the state to enjoy and benefit from the arts, even if he or she doesn’t have a lot of money or live in a large city. The Commission’s programs and activities fall into three major domains of public participation and service: Artist Development, Arts Education, and Community Arts Development.

Tennessee Arts Commission

When the Tennessee Arts Commission was created in 1967, it was given a special mandate by the General Assembly to stimulate and encourage the presentation of performing, visual and literary arts throughout the state and to encourage public interest in the cultural heritage of Tennessee. Through a variety of programs, the Commission has encouraged excellence in artistic expression through the state’s artists and arts organizations. That commitment has…

Texas Commission on the Arts

The Texas Commission on the Arts provides the financial, human and technical resources necessary to ensure viable arts and cultural communities. TCA evaluates grant applications; distributes grants for production, performance, exhibition, touring and administration to arts and cultural organizations; and monitors grants for contract compliance. TCA also distributes grants for curriculum development, student achievement, and teacher training.

US Regional Arts Organizations

The US Regional Arts Organizations are six non–profit entities created to encourage development of the arts and to support arts programs on a regional basis. Funded by the NEA, these organizations, which include Arts Midwest, Mid–America Arts Alliance, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, New England Foundation for the Arts, Southern Arts Federation, and Western States Arts Federation, provide technical assistance to their member state arts agencies,…

Utah Arts Council

The Utah Arts Council conducts programs, directed by Council staff, which provide more than 500 outreach services (including financial assistance) to schools, local arts councils and organizations, community centers, performing groups and individual artists. Overall the Council serves as a catalyst for arts programming throughout the state, assisting arts organizations, groups and individuals in bringing the arts to the people of Utah.

Vermont Arts Council

The Council functions as a community partner and a catalyst for artists and organizations. It offers professional development opportunities and technical advice, collects and disseminates arts information, and acts as the state’s foremost arts advocate.

Virginia Commission for the Arts

The mission of the Virginia Commission for the Arts is to support and stimulate excellence in all of the arts, in their full cultural and ethnic diversity, in order to enhance the quality of life, to stimulate economic development, to support educational advancement, and to make the arts accessible to all Virginians.

Washington State Arts Commission

Established in 1961, the Washington State Arts Commission (WSAC) collaborates with artists and arts organizations to conserve and develop critical artistic resources. WSAC strives to further policies that promote statewide arts awareness, develop sustainable arts resources for future generations, and deepen investments in Washington’s dynamic cultural legacy.

West Virginia Division of Culture and History

The mission of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History is to identify, preserve, protect, promote, and present the ideas, arts, and artifacts of West Virginia’s heritage, building pride in our past accomplishments and confidence in our future

Wisconsin Arts Board

The Wisconsin Arts Board is the state agency which nurtures creativity, cultivates expression, promotes the arts, supports the arts in education, stimulates community and economic development and serves as a resource for people of every culture and heritage.

Wyoming Arts Council

Its mission is to enhance the quality of life for the people of Wyoming by providing resources to sustain, promote and cultivate the arts.