Best Registered Agent Service Online for your LLC or Business

In this buyers guide, we will take a look at the top five registered agent companies and outline what sets them apart from the rest!
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If you are looking for the best registered agent service (also known as statutory agent) online, we have you covered with the top five service providers of 2022.

All of these services provide national registered agent service in all 50 states including commercial registered agent and noncommercial registered agent.

In this buyers guide, we will take a look at the top registered agent solution and outline what sets them apart from the rest.

Let’s get started!

How much is an LLC

Here are the Best Registered Agent Service providers Online for 2022:


ZenBusiness made their fame by offering LLC formation and incorporation services for a lower price point than any competitor.

For $39 + State fee you get your LLC (limited liability company) up and running and that includes a full year of designated registered agent service.

On its own, the registered agent feature is pretty impressive as well and is offered at a reasonable price of $99 per year.

They have helped thousands of businesses since they started in 2015 and have countless positive reviews to back them up.

No only are they affordably priced, but they have incredible customer service and incredible customer feedback.

With over 4,000 online reviews, costumes rave about how much money they saved using ZenBusiness and how easy it was to use their services.

Zen Business Highlights:

  • Great prices for registered agent service
  • Free commercial registered agent with their incorporation service
  • Outstanding customer service and reviews
  • Solid reputation
  • Best overall value and Best overall choice



Overall, ZenBusiness is going to be your best value and our number one choice for several years in a row!


Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent has a pretty impressive suite of offerings that are easy to choose from for entrepreneurs looking for Limited Liability Company formation or business formation services online.

We love that they do no up-sell or pressure customers into services they don’t need.

Their services are simple, intuitive, and they have a significant focus on their registered agent service (aka statutory agent)- which happens to be one of their top offerings.

If you haven’t yet formed your business, Northwest will register your company (LLC, Corporation or Nonprofit Corporation) and include one year of free registered agent service for $225 + state fee.

If you’ve already registered your business, you can solely use their registered agent service.

While they are a higher price, they started out as a registered agent service company over 20 years ago and are experts in this area.

Northwest Registered Agent Highlights:

  • Volume discounts – price drops to $110/year per state if you require service in five or more states
  • 12 months free registered agent service with any business formation (LLC, C, or NonProfit)
  • All important document are locally scanned vs some competitors only scan the government documents they are legally required to.
  • Medium price point
  • Reliable, trusted, no up-selling




IncFile is another popular business entity formation service that offers a variety of business formation packages to meet your needs.

Like Northwest Registered Agent, if you haven’t yet formed your business, Incfile will register your company (LLC, Corporation or Nonprofit Corporation) and include one year of free resident agent service for just $0 + state fee.

They also have one of the lower annual renewal fees compared to other competitors.

IncFile is definitely a great option if you are looking for an affordable yet reliable professional registered agent.

IncFile also offers a nice collection of add-ons such as custom documents, business contract templates, and more.

When it comes to customer service, they have thousands of reviews online and nearly all of them are positive.


Incfile Highlights:

  • Mid-range pricing to more affordable pricing
  • Free business formation service
  • 12 month free registered agent service with formation of business
  • Great customer feedback

IncFile does up-sell more aggressively than other services so keep that in mind when using them! They are a great choice but can become expensive if you agree to all of the add-ons and up-sells.




Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer offers more than just LLC formation services or registered agent services.

They provide a host of legal service making it a great fit if you need to consult an attorney for different legal matters.

Their $149.99 + state filing fee price point isn’t great, but if you subscribe to their Premium legal service membership for $39.99/month, Rocket Lawyer will provide a 25% discount on statutory agent service, as well as free formation service.

Rocket Lawyer is a huge company and they are one of the most experienced business services companies in the industry.

Their one major drawback though is that they do not include registered agent service in a bundle with incorporation service.


Rocket Lawyer Highlights:

  • High customer volume – 20 million customers since they opened in 2008
  • Legal service available
  • Important legal documents library
  • Stellar customer service and quick response times
  • Higher prices than other competitors
  • No professional registered agent included with formation packages
  • Help with default judgment, should it occur




LegalZoom is definitely a brand that you’ve probably heard of because they have a lot of brand power.

They’ve done a really good job marketing themselves and getting their name out there.

But there is more behind their name, they really are a great formation service as well as registered agent service.

LegalZoom has a significant amount of experience in the legal services field which makes them a reliable choice.

LegalZoom Highlights:

  • Reliable
  • Great customer service and experience
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – 60 days to request a refund
  • Lots of experience
  • Registered agent not included with formation package
  • Legal document library
  • Help with default judgment, should it occur

The downsides are that they are pretty pricey and their packages can be confusing.

For example they say they charge $159 to add a year of registered agent to a formation plan, but $299 as a standalone feature.

Just make sure you know what you are paying for and ask for clarification if you are not sure!


Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance handles every step of the LLC formation process, including offering publishing service, which is required in some states for compliance but rarely offered by online LLC formation providers.

Harbor Compliance has some advanced features in their Compliance package that competitors just don’t have, like filing your annual reports.

harbor compliance


  • Free registered agent for a year
  • Legal document library
  • Compliance filings and legal notice resources
  • Compliance specialists
  • Help with tax documents and compliance

Click Here to Visit Harbor Compliance

Top Registered Agent Choice for 2022:

All of the registered agent services listed in this post are good options.

They each offer reliable services and great customer service.

However, for several years in a row, Zen Business has won first place for the most affordable registered agent service and the best overall value.

Out of all of the major online business service providers, they offer the best deal.

Legalzoom competors

Frequently Asked Registered Agent Questions:

Can I just be my own Registered Agent?

Yes, as the business owner, you can be your own registered agent but this has its own pros and cons.

On the positive side, it will save you money by not having to pay any fees to a registered agent services.

On the negative side, when you serve as your own llc registered agent, you have to make your registered office address a public record.

This is not ideal if you want your office to be private or don’t want your clients to know that you perhaps work from home.

You are also required to be present and available to receive deliveries during normal business hours at your physical address.

Using a registered agent service makes your public record information such as your physical address private and removes some of the responsibility that comes with being your own registered agent.

Can my Accountant or Attorney be my Registered Agent?

Some business owners have their accountant or attorney listed as their professional registered agent and that is 100% allowed.

However, from our experience this is a much more expensive option.

While most accountants and lawyers have normal business hours, they are limited to the location of their offices business address which isn’t helpful if you want to register in other states like Delaware or Nevada.

Am I required to have a Registered Agent to form a Corporation?

Yes, all 50 states require a designated registered agent in your formation paperwork when you create your corporation.

The registered agent requirement is non negotiable and you will receive official documents to show this.

Your filing will be rejected if you do not have a registered agent listed with a registered agent address, registered office, and normal business hours.

Can I change my Registered Agent service provider after I form my company ?

Yes, you can change your designated registered agent at any time.

In most states, you simply change your company’s registered agent by filling out a “Change of Registered Agent” form, but you will want to check with your state as to what the requirements are.

Some states also allow you to change your llc’s registered agent in your annual report filing.

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