Denise Elizabeth P

Senior Finance & Accounting Editor

Denise is our Senior Finance and Accounting Editor due to her Extensive Knowledge in Finance, Accounting, Business and Taxes.

She Graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and thereafter went onto Seattle University to earn her Masters of Arts in Organization Systems Renewal.

Denise has worked as a Controller, directly Reporting to the CFO, for the last 4 Years and wanted to use that knowledge to share the Ins and outs of Business, Finance, Accounting and more to our readers.

Economic Factors

Examples of Monopoly

Capital Accumulation

Capital Maintenance

Affiliated Companies

Call Price

Calmar Ratio

Capacity Utilization

Business Risk vs. Financial Risk

363 Sale

Adverse Selection

Accounting (average) Rate of Return

Advantages and Disadvantages of NPV

Agency Problem

Asset Based Lending

Asset Financing

Asset Protection

Agency Cost

Business Risk